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Campaign configuration

The Activism module is an attempt to standardize the way online advocacy tools are built in Drupal.

The Activism module creates a "Campaign" node type with a set of standard configuration settings which can be associated with a "Call to action" module. These modules hook into the Activism module to create a form for taking action on campaign pages. The Activism module allows you to:

  • Store standardized signup data from any custom form implemented through a "Call to action" module and export that data into a CSV file.
  • Allow users to "opt-in" to an e-mail list upon taking action (integration and actual sending is up to you - we only provide a checkbox that allows them to express interest; future versions will allow integration with CiviCRM and CiviMail).
  • Set end dates for campaigns and a message to display when it expires.
  • Set campaign goals and track progress.
  • Send an autoresponder to users after they take action on a campaign.
  • Send users to any other campaign or URL once action has been taken.
  • Use Tokens to automatically fill in content for certain autoresponders (support for Tokens will be enhanced in future versions).

Additional "Call To Action" modules will be developed as we further build out this module. Activism module currently ships with Activism Petition module to allow for creation of online petitions and the Activism Tell a Friend module. Modules to be released in the future are:

  • Activism E-card for custom e-card campaigns.
  • Activism Letter for launching various types of letter writing campaigns.
  • Activism CiviCRM for full integration with CiviCRM.

If anyone is interested in integrating with any other CRM systems or creating a custom call to action module, please contact us at Developed by your friendly Drupal experts at Trellon. Code has been processed through Coder, Coder Tough Love, and ships with plenty of SimpleTests.

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