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Drupal 7.x version will be ready soon, once the 6.x is stable. Please, be patient:)


AccuWeather module allows to display weather data from There are three ways to show up a weather right now:

  • view a full page based on a current location either a given one in a search form,
  • assing a block e.g. to the frontpage for all website users, based on a predefined location in module's settings (e.g. country capital city),
  • assign a block to the users profile pages (block will show a weather for the user's location based on a "Profile" or "Content profile" location field (simple textfield right now, no Geolocation module's integration yet),

Notice for user block: if user's profile location causes that AccuWeather returns more than one location, user is informed and obliged to select proper location from the list on his/hers own. Then the weather for the selected location will be displayed.


  • easy theming through *.tpl.php files
  • weather data refresh on cron run or after 15 minutes while any user visit a website
  • predefined custom CSS stylesheet (can be disabled in admin settings, to setup your own theme)
  • loading a weather for users based on their profile location (configurable in admin settings)
  • module integrates with Profile and Content Profile modules to grab fields/CCK fields for location selection
  • metric or imperial data system (configurable in admin settings)
  • config amount of forecast display items both on weather page and in the blocks
  • some fancy weather icons :)


Go to Site configuration › AccuWeather settings and configure thing you need to.
Then visit Site building › Blocks and assing AccuWeather block or/and AccuWeather user block into whichever region you want.
Important: weather in blocks will be available if the user profile location field either default location is configured.


For developers:

Module has implemented it's own hook to process the location results. Example usages:

  • limit location results by removing unnecessary location via country code filtering (example code below to use in a custom module)
 * Implementation of hook_accuweather_locations().
function MYMODULE_accuweather_locations($op = 'list', &$data = array()) {
    foreach ($data['locations'] as $index => $location) {
        if (substr($location, 0, 6) == 'EUR|PL') {
            $continue = TRUE;
    if ($continue) {
        foreach ($data['locations'] as $index => $location) {
            $data['items'][$index] = str_replace('(', ' (', $data['items'][$index]);
            if (substr($location, 0, 6) != 'EUR|PL') {
                unset($data['locations'][$index], $data['items'][$index]);
    return $data;

Country limitation appended right now via hook_accuweather_locations() will be probably merged into the admin settings in v. 2.0, with CountriesAPI (D6) / Countries (D7) integration (i think so:)).

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