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Sea Theme

Sea is important in moderating the Earth's climate, in providing food and oxygen, in its enormous diversity of life, and for transport. It covers over 70 % of the Earth's surface. I incorporate this concept of Sea into Drupal theme. Sea is a powerful, clean, responsive theme develop by Shivcharan Patil (itapplication).

Features of theme

  • Theme support for -
    • Logo.
    • Site Name
    • Slogan, Tag line
    • Highlighted region.
    • Pages with 3 columns. 2sidebar + core content column.
    • Pages with single columns. Without sidebar.
    • Pages with two columns. With first/left sidebar or second/right sidebar.
  • Table-less design.
  • Implement new advance cutting edge technology of HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Minimum use of images in theme design. So it's become more light weight and execute faster than old version.
  • Seven regions to put blocks.
  • Design of the sea bottom at footer.

Upcoming Feature

  • Responsive. Next version will be Mobile friendly and device responsive.
  • Background image/photo for entire theme can be set through theme setting.

Your ideas, suggestion, photos, images and videos are welcome for use of theme under GPL license.

Theme is actively developed and supported on developer's off time.
If you would like to say thanks, buy a drink for developer or provide your approval to my 'Drupal Theme' skill (endorsement) at LinkedIn.

Theme developer available at to customize Drupal theme or create/develop entirely new theme as per your requirements.

Project information

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