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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:54

Release notes

Entity CRUD API changes since BETA 2:
#976348 follow-up: make entity_forms() actually work.
#978832 Entity CRUD: enable modules to act on enabled or disabled exportables
Entity CRUD API: deprecated EntityDB in favour of the new class 'Entity' + lots of documentation updates
Entity CRUD: help entity types to implement their label() and uri() callback in a way they are alterable, but ease to use.
#976360 Entity CRUD: patch by joachim: further improve the admin UI API docs.
Entity CRUD: simplified loading logic for exportables
#975758 patch by klausi: added import/export to the admin UI of exportables. Yay!
enable resetCache to work with multiple ids.
#982004 Entity CRUD: clarified admin UI hook_forms() implementation.
#983090 Entity CRUD: improved resetting of the static cache
Entity CRUD: optimized + fixed possible issue in the loading logic
Entity CRUD: fixed attaching fields to an exportable entity
#981302 Entity CRUD: patch by klausi: remove support for the faces API (API Change)
Entity CRUD: use the Entity class instead of the deprecated EntityDB class.

API changes for the Entity CRUD API since BETA 2:
* The entity controller resetCache() method function signature changed in core and so in the Entity API's controller. See #651240-38: Allow modules to react to changes to an entity for details.
* The faces API has been removed and so the extendable entity class, as using that was not suggested anyway. See #981302: Please remove faces. To ease migration the "EntityDBExtendable" class is still available, but deprecated + it is not extendable any more.
* The "EntityDB" class has been renamed to "Entity". For backward compatibility "EntityDB" is still available, but deprecated.

Entity Metadata changes since BETA 2:
#975378 Entity metadata: improved metadata for taxonomy term reference fields to add in the bundle
#986046 Entity metadata: patch by das-peter, rszrama: properly check for modules to prevent altering non-existent field info.
#986046 Entity metadata: follow-up re-adding support for list fields

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