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What about a 48 by 85 meter animated Druplicon?? (help needed)

I (paul, not me) work at KPN. The KPN building in Rotterdam is equipped with 896 (22 by 41) green lights that can be used to display animations. Some examples:
- http://vimeo.com/8529595
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrVFbNbddJ0
- http://vimeo.com/14954934

Graphics is not my expertise so I would like to crowd source this.
We need one monochrome bitmap (.bmp) with the following specs:
One frame is 22 wide x 41 high.
One animation is max. 1012 pixels wide = 46 frames.
Please attach your submission in this thread or send it to me: sqyd@sqyd.net

I have permission and funds for a 4 hour timeslot. Time allocation is flexible so when we have a date I can give a go ahead.


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so we need a monchrome bitmap in BMP with each frame being 22 by 41 "pixels" for max 46 frames, totaling an image with 41 by 1012 pixels. not that it should

  • mention drupal 7
  • mention the url drupal.org
  • the animation is slow, so dont rely on speed
  • a druplicon would be nice
  • to have more animation, one can use negative images between postive ones

Please attach your work in this issue

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What exactly do you mean with "to have more animation, one can use negative images between postive ones"?

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wow that looks really cool.
how many frames per second does it play, is the framerate fixed?

"What exactly do you mean with "to have more animation, one can use negative images between postive ones"?"

I think Bert means that it looks cool and draws attention if you flip positive to negative in the animation.

I can't think of a really cool concept but I guess it would be easy to drop it the druplicon and some text from the top of the building to the bottom. We could vertically scroll a text like "Drupal 7 out now [druplicon]" and if the "out now [druplicon]" text fits completely in the building we can strobe that by inverting the image a few times.

the scrolling would look something like this:
|Drupal 7 |
|upal 7 Out N|
|al 7 Out Now|
| Out Now [] |

where [] is the druplicon

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@xano, #3: Have a look at the second example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrVFbNbddJ0
The image switches from positive to negative to create a more dynamic effect.

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Framerate is fixed but I don't have an exact number. The example vids should give you an idea.

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Framerate is 4 frames per sec.
source: http://muonics.net/blog/index.php?postid=14

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That link is a great find. It contains Open Source software for both Mac and Win to convert animations to the desired format. To my surprise this info wasn't available inside KPN, I'll post it around.
Another one (linked from the previous one) with many more animations: http://graffitiresearchlab.com/projects/low-fi-film-festival/
@bert: could you add it to your blog post?

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En zie hier het perfecte standpunt om videos en fotos te maken van de animatie:


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2.96 KB

Love the idea! Not sure how this will animate exactly but here's a quick version to get things started... Might refine if anyone likes it...

btw I couldn't upload a .bmp as d.o doesn't like it as a filetype, understandable really, so my file is a gif...

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One question that came over email:
Does text in the animation need to be in Dutch?
It may, but it's absolutely not a requirement. It looks like we're going to have multiple submissions from various parts of the world and the end result will be captured and seen in many places outside of the dutch language area.

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@Sqyd: and you don't email me back? Shame on you :-P

I'm working on this with a friend of mine and we were wondering if there is a deadline. Is there?

I also said this on Twitter, but @Sqyd++ for making this possible!

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Title: Create an animation for a 100 m tall building from KPN in Rotterdam / NL for the Drupal 7 release » Animation for KPN building in Rotterdam (NL) to promote Drupal 7

More readable title.

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We didn't set a deadline so far, maybe we won't at all. If we do we'll announce it here.
Timing is difficult anyway because there isn't a fixed d7 release schedule anyway. We also need at least a few days to submit the final animation to my colleagues for QA and scheduling.
It looks like the critical bug filed today and the second rc will buy you some extra time, but don't take too long! All submissions that won't make it will be reconsidered for the d8 release :-P

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4.51 KB

My first attempt...

Starts with druplicon falling, below "D7" and "Is Out" flash alternated for a second each.
Druplicon follows with a positive/negative vertical animation. Below "drupal.org" scrolls slowly.

I'm planning and alternative ending where the druplicon "fades" to black, but haven't found the time to complete it yet.

Suggestions and ideas are welcome. :)

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I like @Jolidog but to compare it with thers, would like to see an *ahum* animated gif...?

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4.66 KB

@bertboerland You're right, an animated gif is necessary for this, While I was creating the gif, I managed to finish the "fade out" effect, leaving the infinity eyes and also corrected a couple of mistakes.

Tomorrow I'll post the spread, now it's time for bed :)

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SqyD, this is AMAZING! :D Thank you SO MUCH for stepping up to do this!

And thanks to Jolidog and ghazlewood for the awesome first attempts. :D

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These are looking very good indeed.
@webchick : You are much more awesome ;-)
As mentioned a discrete notice (to me and/or bertboerland) when you're about to release this wonderful creature out into the world will help the timing of this little hack of mine even more, but we'll understand if you can't make that.

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Next Friday's been the tentative date I'd been passing around (because I refuse to ruin the infra team's holidays by releasing D7 the day or two before xmas), but that was back when we were sitting for 3-4 days at 0 critical bugs and not 3 critical bugs. :\ We'll see what the weekend brings.

But if I feel that release is imminent I will definitely chime in here and let you know.

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Following, and wishing I had more time to work on some ideas for this..

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OK i've put my animation into an animated gif so you can more easily see what it would look like, and I've corrected one of the frames which had a letter which was out of place slightly.

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@ghazlewood looks good! But don't forget it's 4fps, so those 4 big D7 frames will pass in a second, literally. :)

I'm planning on this weekend to make some changes, I think on mine the vertical change from black to white is taking to long, I'm going to speed that up and add some other animation. ;)

We might have some more days, unfortunately, we now have 5 critical bugs, snif...

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I really like #18! It's great! :)

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Any news on a deadline? Will the animation run on release party day, January 7th?

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We have most of your animation ready. I want to post the finished version here this weekend.

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Ok, D7 will be released on January 5 2011 so it's time for a release schedule for the animation.

  • Submission deadline for the animations will be monday December 27, 11:00 UTC. (Noon CET)
  • Please provide a package (zip/tgz) with your project at least in the .bmp format described earlier. (Gifs are nice previews but we need to supply the 1012x41 bmp to the people operating the installation.)
  • The winner(s) will be announced on Wednesday December 29
  • We kindly ask the winner to be available on the days after incase there is a problem that requires adaptation of the .bmp
  • I am aiming for 4 consecutive evening time slots starting Jan 5 so we'll have it up when the release parties a happening on Jan 7.
  • I will provide a basic landing page for hosting pictures and video. I will shoot some with my limited gear so if you happen to pass Rotterdam with some decent photo/video equipment, please help out.
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Will it run on the 7th of Januari between 17.00 and 23.00?

We give a D7 Release Party then, only 2km away from the KPN building.

I hope that it runs... I will try to arrange a boat then, so that we can go out and see it live!
Does someone own a party boat?

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@ jolidog

Your idea of bouncing druplicon was mine also.
But may I suggest "the following: The text "2010 brings you", then your animation, and then the text "Drupal 7" ?
With "Drupal 7" in one image, the letters vertical, left, and the number to the right of it ?
Furthermore, it is my idea that working with positive and negative images will be irritating to the objective viewer; i.e. it could arouse some irritation.
Anyway, you contribution makes me rest with any attempts.....

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5.19 KB
3.86 KB

This animation was made by Peer Kreuger and Bart Feenstra (myself).

Our requirements were that the animation should explain
* what Drupal is.
* that Drupal 7 is out.
* where viewers can download it.

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Here are my last submissions...

The v1, is the previous submission, only with a slight modification to ease out the D7, when drupal.org enters.
The v2 is a different approach, using the suggestion of johnny_b of changing the intro text to "2011 brings you".
(So, thank you johnny_b!)

I understand there are flaws with this approach of not having the word drupal displayed in one piece on the screen, my reasoning for doing it this way is because, I think writing it horizontally the letters are to small and I don't want to mix vertical and horizontal text witch breaks readability on, what I believe is, a digital medium to be seen passing by. That's also why I'm using the druplicon as a main point, to have a big impact and get people to drupal.org.

Thank you again for this opportunity! I'll check back on Wednesday.

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3.86 KB
5.19 KB
3.83 KB
5.19 KB

These animations are made by Peer Kreuger and Bart Feenstra (myself).


We set up three requirements for the animation to be effective:
* Explain what viewers can use Drupal for.
* Promote Drupal 7.
* Tell viewers where they can download it.

Remove the .txt from the BMP files to view them.

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I would definitely go for v2 of @jolidog

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177.27 KB

This is an impression of what kpn2 in #34 would look like:


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That looks great, wish I had the time to make that over positioning... ;)

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Although I like the part of Drupal 7 (with the upside-down pyramid) of Xano's animation, I prefer Jolidog's v2 as well. I'm not a big fan of the texts 'Do you have a website? Do you want a website?' and 'Easier faster better'. A bit cheap I think, and it makes me think of Daft Punk (Harder, better, faster, stronger).

For Jolidog's animation: I still miss the string 'Drupal 7'.

I'd love to see a mock-up.

- '2011 brings you D7' of Jolidog
- Drupal 7 (with pyramid) and Druplicon of Xano

That'd be the best of both!

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We're willing to improve our animation, but Sqyd needs to extend the deadline.

From a marketing perspective, the major flaw in all other animations is that it does not tell viewers what the bleep "D7" is. People to whom Drupal is still unknown will have no clue what the advertisement is about.

"easier faster better" has been added for people who already are familiar with Drupal. "easier" and "faster" refer to the usability improvements and scalability respectively. Oh, and we both love Daft Punk.

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I agree with #35 and #38. I dont like the text that much, the font of the questionmark, and druplicon has weird reflection in his eyes as well as a strange pointer on his head....

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From what I understood of the idea, the point was to celebrate the release of Drupal 7, and not to explain/sell the concept of drupal, correct?
That's why I think it's ok to use "D7", I could say it might be seen as a teaser for people to go to the site and find out, but that's not realistic.

It's a matter of who is this animation directed at, general public or the drupal/web community.

Anyway, we should now wait for SqyD decision, perhaps webchick could tell us her opinion too.

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Well, it's a public building, so some context about what the heck "Drupal" is would probably be good. But I'm not that fussed about it either way. Maybe if we provide no context it will encourage people to search for it. "What's this strange word and glowing alien?" ;)

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Hi all,

First of all my apologies for replying so late. I have got me some serious flue bugging me.
I like all submissions a lot and would like to thank all who participated for their efforts. I would have to agree with #35, #38 and #40 and therefore announce the winner to be Jolidog v2.

I will make final submissions on friday morning to any last changes would have to be made on thursday. I will get final confirmation of acceptance and schedule early next week. I am aiming for 4 evening showings (4 hours in the loop with other animations) starting a January 5 to Januari 8. These should coincide with both the actual launch and the release parties.

Thanks a lot all!

Paul Krischer / SqyD

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That's great! Thank you very much!
I'll be available on Thursday (tomorrow) for any changes. You can send me a message to get my email, if needed.

My name is João Belchior, but Jolidog is fine too. I'm also involved with the drupal Portuguese community, in case you want to point that out. :)

Again, thanks, this means a lot to me.

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paul, beterschap and thank you very much. this rocks!

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3.39 KB
5.19 KB

Hi all,

I was following this thread and asked a few people at my company to come up with an animation as well.
Unfortunately, I missed the post with the announced deadline.
I understand it is no longer in the running, but I still wanted to post it.

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Hi all,

Just a quick update:
This afternoon at 17:00 EST (16:00 UTC) the animation will go live. Broadcast times will be 17:00-21:00 from Jan 5 t/m Jan 8.

I've made a simple landing page: http://d7ra.org/ where I will upload a movie and some pictures tonight.
Hashtag: #d7ra

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Thank you yet again SqyD!

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Thanks, very cool work. Would you be so kind to tag all pictures and video's with #d7ra AND #d7rp? Then they will show up on several picture walls that are being created now as well.

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Issue tags: +d7ra
148.7 KB

Paul and me took some pictures... and we were not pleased.
It seems that there are some settings incorrect for the animation. It could be either the bitmap or some checkbox in the application. Paul will contact the guys in charge of the green lights tomorrow, so that the this first attempt will be victory tomorrow!

Here is the YT:

@Paul. Don't feel bad! It was great to see the huge Drupalicon, and remember good things take several attempts! (Drupal only took 7 attempts so far ;) )

I hope I can make some pictures and videos tomorrow of a correct version!

Kudos Paul!

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Status: Active » Needs work

This afternoon the operator will be on site to fix the bug. If we manage to find and fix it we'll be broadcasting as planned at 17:00.

Keeping fingers crossed...

Paul K

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*x-ing fingers

Jolidog’s picture

Could the operator be a secret sharepoint fan, boycotting the release of D7? :D

I think the problem is our section of the animation is scrolling the bitmap as a whole instead of replacing the frames, I'm confident you'll fix it! But fingers crossed none the less :)

SqyD’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review

The bug is fixed! VDMi.frans has confirmed a testrun at 16.30 and it looks awesome. It will run as planned at 17:00.

In the end there were two problems: We had to invert the image and a flaky setting in the display application was changed.

Keep watching http://d7ra.org/ for updates and flicks.

Thanx all!!

Paul "SqyD" Krischer

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On http://d7ra.org is an original video now.

The quality of the footage is a little bit so so... it is foggy, rainy adn cold... hope we have better weather tomorrow when we go from the #d7pr in Rotterdam by boat to see it live :)

Tom (my colleague) did some magic with his video software and made a slightly better version, with music and bumpers... TNX TOM!:

SqyD’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work

I've also put up the edited version on d7ra.org
I'll leave it up the the audience to declare this Reviewed and tested by the community ;-)

SqyD’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review


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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

Great, more than great. What better promotion could we have? I'd be proud to show the video tomorrow on our release party in Utrecht!

bertboerland’s picture

can be commited :-) dries plus close this one in two days so we can add more tomorrow....

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

It looks like this is fixed? I just saw the video at http://drupal7operations.nl/ ! AWESOME! :D

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awesome! too bad I was on vacation last week. well done guys!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)
Issue tags: -d7ra

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.