I left in some stub code in token.install to upgrade existing token action configurations to system.module since those same actions support tokens.


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After upgrading to the latest dev and running update.php it says that token_actions is deprecated/moved in core. The (sub)module is no longer listed in the list of available modules (as intended I guess), so is it safe to delete token_actions.inf & token_actions.module now or are they required for any other purpose? If they are to be removed, will keeping them around cause any issues? I am asking because then we have to either delete them or ask the user to do so if detected.

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They won't cause problems because we disable the module in an update function. And proper update procedure is to remove the old files first, then copy in the new files. We will migrate the actions themselves in token.install shortly.

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Thanx for taking the time to explain Dave ;)