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Please bare with me on this problem, it is timezone related but it has not been reported (i searched and did not find anything).

- Add a datetime element in a CCK form for a birthdate, make it's granularity up to days (hours and minutes are not necessary).
- Set the +/- years to be -100:+10 years
- Create a new page of this content type

Here's the tricky part: you must pick any dates when the timezone changed that day and that change must have happened at midnight. Evenmore, the date picked must be the one not in your current timezone. In order for me to test it, since I'm in Montreal, I checked this site to find those dates:
Based on this site, between 1927 and 1940, the timezones changed at midnight, so for me, any of those dates in april or in may don't work (ex: April 29 1928).

The node saving fails saying the field has invalid from and to dates.

I managed to simplify the validation routine in the module to bypass all the different calls to date_timezone_set() if the granularity does not include hours. But this is not the right patch because I suspect the same problem will occur if your datetime element would include hours and someone would specify those problematic dates with exactly the hours of the timezone change.

The file is : date_elements.inc
Function : date_combo_validate() at line #378
Problem is around lines #500

Here is some information:
Php : 5.2.12
Date : 6.2.6


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