I'm trying to use the selective exposed filters module with multiple taxonomy vocabularies in Views 3, latest dev version.

When i look in the settings of an exposed taxonomy filter the checkbox "Limit list to result set" is there. When i check this option and save the filter everything goes normal. But when i look in the settings again, the "Limit list to result set" is unchecked again. So i can't activate this function for my exposed vocabularies.

The other modules i user (auto submit & filters reset) works great in VIews 3.


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Yes, the technique used by Selective Filters is not compatible with Views 3. I will update the code to make it work there.

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I tried to refactor the module and make a Views 3 exposed form plugin but couldn't find any documentation on how to build one. Does somebody know if there is a manual of some sort for the new Views plug-in architecture?

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Re #2: Take a look at Better Exposed Filters for a clue on how to support Views 3. Ideally, I'd like Views 3 support to be embedded in the module, without need for branching.

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Status: Needs work » Fixed

Fixed in the latest dev. Please try it 12 hours from now and let me know.

In Views 3, the settings are located in a new Exposed form style called "Selective Exposed Filters" where you can set the options for all exposed filters.

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Still not working for me.. Which version of views is being used? I'm using the latest dev version of both modules.



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Re #5: What's not working? Do you not see the Exposed form style? Please explain clearly what you're witnessing and what you expect.

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My problem is the exact problem as in the header of this topic.
I have the new Exposed form style so that's ok, but it does not work :-( (filters are not selective)

Now i also get a php-error:

Unknown column 'nid' in 'where clause' query: SELECT DISTINCT(vid) FROM term_data WHERE nid IN (465,468,468,466,467) in ..../modules/views_hacks/views_filters_selective/views_filters_selective.module on line 162.

maybe this could help?



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The problem with the unchecked checkbox is still there. But as infojunkie mentioned the settings are now located in the Exposed form style settings so you don't need to use this checkbox.

Thanks for the great work, i'm sorry i couldn't test it earlier.

Too bad the settings are in the exposed form style settings, now i can't use the Better Exposed filters form style when using selective exposed filters.

Selective filters also still won't work with multiple taxonomy vocabularies(filters). The solution mentioned in http://drupal.org/node/848408#comment-3547370 is not working because there is no limiting field named "Views Selective Exposed Filters"

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Status: Fixed » Needs work
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Thanks for your feedback.

I will remove the checkboxes from the filter settings, since their proper place in Views 3 is the Exposed form style. About the incompatibility with Better Exposed Filters, that's a general design issue with Views 3. Someone should request the ability to add more than one exposed form style to the view.

Concerning the multiple taxonomy filters, please re-open the issue if you find a case where they're not working properly.

@Imagone: the issue here is concerned with the checkbox settings not being saved in Views 3. If you see these settings being saved in Exposed form style, then this issue is fixed for you. The PHP error you're getting is indicative of a different issue, so please open a new issue where you describe it in detail.

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Thnx for the good work. It indeed was misunderstanding from me. I thought Both setting were needed (form style & checkboxes). This issue is indeed fixed for me.

The PHP error was the result of many testing ;-) It seemd there were two filters active, one one the default view and one on the page view. Those 2 filters resulted in the error.

Many thanks.

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Status: Needs work » Fixed

Removed settings from filter form as per #10. Please try it 12 hours from now and let me know.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.