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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:56

Release notes

  • #925264 alex_b: Don't allow commas in tag names.
  • #935908 njbooher: FeedsTermProcessor: Synonyms array not joined.
  • #883342 Steven Jones: Don't force usage of cURL.
  • #776854 imclean et. al.: Support parsing CSV files without column headers.
  • #857216 derhasi: Set Date to empty if no date is present. Note: previously date mapper would set date to the current date if no date was present.
  • #637334 mongolito404, elliotttf et. al.: Mapper for Content Taxonomy.
  • #953638 joshuajabbour: FeedsTermProcessor looks for feed_nid in wrong object.
  • #954080 mlsamuelson: mimedetect_mime() expects a file object.
  • #608844 Will White: Optionally delete data items with feed nodes.
  • #926616 Mark Trapp: FeedsEnclosure::getFile() should allow files to exist in the temp directory.
  • #912630 twistor: FeedsImportBatch: make items accessible for modification.
  • #946822 twistor: FeedsSitemapParser broken: Serialization of 'SimpleXMLElement' is not allowed.
  • #933306 alex_b: Fix Feeds creates subscriptions for not existing importers.
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