Ok Ive got the module all installed and the permissions are set. Everytime i go to the "/file-plupload" page. The page will appear and have a page title that say Upload files, then underneath that it says

"Your browser does not support HTML5 native or flash upload. Try Firefox 3, Safari 4, or Chrome; or install Flash."

I have the newest version of firefox, flash, and chrome installed. The error appears in both firefox and chrome. I have tried using different users with different roles and permissions, but so far i continue to see the same error.

Anyways im not really sure whats going on, or what im doing wrong. But if anyone could help me out that would be great.

Thank You.


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You followed the steps in the README? Specifically the ones showing you that you have to download and install a library?

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Yes the I installed the library exactly as it said to do in the readme. Ive been trying to figure it out all day. At first i thought maybe my firewall was blocking something, so i disabled everything. After a little bit it actually popped up once and worked. Then i tried it again and it went away, and i cant get to come back.

When i go into the error console for firefox i get the following error.

$("#uploader").pluploadQueue is not a function

Im guessing this is the problem, but im not very well versed in programming so i dont really know if its the problem, or how to fix it.

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Hmm, can you try emptying your browser cache?

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So close! I cleared my cache in firefox, hit refresh and it worked for a second then i decided to double check it would work again so i hit refresh one more time and it went away again.

So now every time i clear my cache i will work once, but if i hit refresh it goes away.

I checked in chrome but its not working in there either.

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Wow, interesting. Are you by chance behind a proxy? What stack are you running Drupal on? It's not pressflow is it?

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No i made sure that proxy was disabled, im not sure what you mean by stack?

i did some page inspection with google chrome and this is the error that its giving me

"file-plupload:63Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'pluploadQueue'"

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Stack means - are you running D6.19 on WAMP (Windows), Linux, etc?

What settings do you have set at admin/settings/performance?

Are you logged in when trying to hit the page?

And finally, is this site accessible from anywhere? This is likely going to be a tough cookie to crack otherwise :/

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I finally figured it out.

I had some ads running from adbrite in my sidebar, and they were screwing it up somehow. So all i did was go into those blocks and disable them for the upload pages and all of the sudden it all worked perfectly.

Sorry about that, i should have realized that sooner.

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Were you using another module to provide those ads? If so, which one? I'd like to know how to recreate it, so we can code around the conflict if at all possible.

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Status: Active » Fixed

If you could enable the ads and look in the javascript console that might also show some errors which could lead to the answer.

Marking the support request fixed for now, but as justintime says it would be great to track this down a bit more.

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I actually just had the ads going using blocks, without any modules. I had simply put the script into the block body. It probably wasnt the best way to do it, but it was the easiest for development and design layout.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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just want to note
i had same error

$("#uploader").pluploadQueue is not a function

using firefox-3.6
and together with node-gallery 3.x.dev

and after cleaning cache it works

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@groovehunter - which cache did you clear? There are so many involved here ;)

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i also received the same error.
"Your browser does not support HTML5 native or flash upload. Try Firefox 3, Safari 4, or Chrome; or install Flash."

error console showed:
$("#uploader").pluploadQueue is not a function

firefox version: 3.6

libraries were installed correctly, in fact, i was able to use the plugin when i first installed the module. i cleared my cache, which didn't work. i removed the ad block in my site, which didn't work. then i realized that i had added a jquery slideshow to the page tpl and added in the jquery 1.3.2 script. once i removed that, it worked again. hope that helps someone else!

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Look for scripts - I had this problem when adding an ad partner script to the page template. Removing the script fixed the problem.

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Try a different base theme (with no custom js). If it fixes the problem it means that your theme has some js that is conflicting with plupload.

In my case it was the following JS that was causing plupload not to load:

<script src="misc/jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
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I'm having the same issue pluploud not apearing, looking for scripts now.
Keeping track of this issue

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"file-plupload:63Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'pluploadQueue'"

I was just getting this error when I was installing plupload manually on a website and it was because I was using the wrong version of Jquery.