As noted in the Nodewords issue queue here, the int_meta (Integrated Metatags) similar module came up for a merger idea.

Given that Metatags is going to be the recommended module for D7, i'm suggesting that int_meta features be imported over, along with nodewords features.

Another two notable modules to mention here are Page Title, worthy of a merger or integration; and Site Verification, worthy of a merger.

* Page Title on its own is all about SEO, and so is Nodewords / Integrated Metatags / Metatags.
All it provides are custom Page Titles and usage of Tokens, which Nodewords can also do.
* Site Verification allows adding multiple Verification tags, from multiple supported vendors, or custom vendors (more than Nodewords supports).
But that's all. Custom tags in nodewords anyone?

It wouldn't be hard to have Metatags do all the features Page Titles do, if from ground up, it was made to support Site Global tags (for all site static pages), Global Node tags (for all content pages), per Node Type tags and per Node tags.

Possible support for custom pages could also be added (Views for example).

In terms of Priority, Node Tags would override Node Type tags, which would override Global Node tags, which would override Site Global tags. Custom page tags if implemented, would operate between Node Tags and Node Type tags.

And if Metatags were made as Entities, with each tag as a Field, the possibilities are LIMITLESS.
Out of the box, integration for Views and Panels... Entities and CCK framework... possibly even RDFa, RSS, and so on.

I'll rest my case for now.

from the nodewords issue:

Integrated Metatags functionalities:
  • Global and per Node Type tags
  • Optional Global tags inheritance per Node Type
  • Support for custom tags
  • Support for multiple tags with same name
  • Support for static tags
  • Support for dynamic tags
  • (aggregates data from all the tags added with the same name)

  • Integration with Tokens
  • (on Global/Node Type; any tokens)

  • Integration with CCK
  • (on Node Type only; can fetch values from field_****.data, field_****.fid, field_****.list)

  • Integration with Node
  • (on Global/Node Type; can fetch values from node.changed, node.comment, node.created, node.nid, node.promote, node.status, node.sticky, node.teaser, node.title, node.type, node.uid, node.vid)

  • Integration with Taxonomy
  • (on Global/Node Type; can fetch values from term.*.name, term.*.tid, term.*.vid, term.*.vocab)

  • Integration with User
  • (on Global/Node Type; can fetch values from user.mail, user.name, user.signature, user.uid)

  • Optional tags in Teasers

It does not however allow creating tags per NODE.

from the project page: http://drupal.org/project/int_meta

Posted by fractile81 on March 1, 2008

Integrated Metatags allows you to expose content data in META-tags on full-page node views, with Metatag options stored per content type. Node, taxonomy, and user information are all available out of the box, with an optional CCK module that exposes CCK data. Additionally, if the Token module is enabled you can use tokens in your Metatags. Using all of these different sources for data, you can name your Metatags however you would like, and can even combine like-named Metatags into a single comma-separated tag.

NOTE: only the "keywords" and "description" Metatags will have any benefit with today's search engines. This module can be used to dynamically generate these Metatags. Other Metatags will NOT improve your site's Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) with most search engines. However, if you control your own crawler this extra data could be used for things like a faceted search.


* Expose data from multiple sources - Data from the node object, including taxonomy and user information, can be exposed in a Metatag. Name your tags however you would like, and optionally combine like-named tags into a single comma-separated tag. Metatags are displayed on full-page views of a node.
* CCK Support - A module for exposing CCK field data is also included with this module.
* Set Metatags for each content type - Metatags are configured for each content type. A special set of inheritable Metatags can also be set, allowing content types to share the same Metatags.
* Extendible - The Integrated Metatags module can be extended in two ways:
1. Adding Metatag data directly to the node object.
2. A hook to both define exposable data and to provide that data when needed.
* Basic support for the Token module - When defining static Metatags, you can enable the Token module and utilize the power of that module as well.
* DRUPAL 6 ONLY: Show Metatags with teasers - In Drupal 6, you can optionally have Metatags displayed whenever nodes are rendered as a teaser.

What's the difference between this module and the Nodewords/Meta tags module? Have a look at this forum topic, including all comments, for a functional comparison of this module with the Nodewords/Meta tags module.

further comparison of both modules here - http://drupal.org/node/532278


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forgot to mention that Site Verification also supports files.

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Page title is surely a worthy contender to be merged into Meta tags, but I'm not so sure about Site verification.

Main reason for that is that there are many other modules that can leverage on its functionality as well. XML Sitemap (which Site Verify was spun off from iirc) and Google Analytics are two such modules that.

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Status: Active » Fixed

We're not merging in Site verification, although we'll support the verification meta tags. If people don't need Meta tags and just want simple verification, they can use that module and I'm committed to maintaining it.

Page title support is being handled by #911246: Merge in functionality from page_title and nodewords_pagetitle modules.

As for pulling in the Integrated Metatags functionality, that's already included in the base API and data that I've been working on. You'll be able to define default meta tags per entity type (node, taxonomy term, user, etc), per bundle type (node type, vocabulary, etc), and per individual entity objects.

Since I don't like big meta issues like this, I'm marking this as fixed since most of the functionality will be included. Once we start getting a usable code base, if you find something missing, file a new issue for each feature.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

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