I have a vocabulary with an associated content type. Term Debian exists and produces page http://petermoulding.com/taxonomy/term/396
I created a node for the term using the edit link and the node created page http://petermoulding.com/debian
What I want is to have one page, not two. I installed the module because I expected the content of the node would be displayed on the term page, instead of the description, and the alias would apply to the term page. Is this possible? If yes, how do I do it?

If not, could the change be an enhancement to your module or an included sub module?


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I am switching my site to Node Auto Term to see how that handles the same problem.

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The following code works for me.

 * Implementation of hook_link_alter().
function taxonomynode_link_alter(&$links, $node) {
	foreach ($links as $module => $link) {
		if (strpos($module, 'taxonomy_term') !== FALSE && $link['title']) {
			$tid = array(str_replace('taxonomy_term_', '', $module));			
			$nid = _taxonomynode_get_nid_from_tid($tid);			
			if (!empty($nid)) {
				$links[$module]['href'] = "node/$nid";