i think it's time to replace the dependency on jQuery Form Update" 6.x-1.0 with jQuery Update 6.x-2.x-dev.

jQuery Update now bundles jQuery Form Plugin v2.43 (12-MAR-2010), while jQuery Form Update development has ceased and it still ships with jQuery Form Plugin v2.16, 17-OCT-2008.

jQuery Update 6.x-2.x-dev also includes updated versions of jQuery and fartbastic;
jQuery Update 7.x-2.x-dev also bundles the latest jQuery UI;
Drupal 7 Core (alpha6) ships with jQuery Form Plugin v2.36 (07-NOV-2009);

see these issues:
Update to latest jQuery Form Plugin - http://drupal.org/node/570522
D7 port - http://drupal.org/node/908446


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jQuery Update 2.0-alpha1 also bundles jQuery Form Plugin v2.43 (12-MAR-2010).

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Title:Replace dependencies» Replace jQuery Form Update dependency
Assigned:Unassigned» lpalgarvio
Status:Active» Needs review
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i think it turns out the only change needed is a replacement of
dependencies[] = jquery_form_update
dependencies[] = jquery_update
in the wysiwygcck.info file.

i've uploaded a patch for this, along with this file changed and a tar.gz containing everything form the -dev version plus the patch and the modified file.

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oops, here's the tar.gz

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any news whatsoever?
it's been months.

how hard is to look at a single line change and test the module with the new dependency?

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Status:Needs review» Closed (won't fix)

dead project

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Assigned:lpalgarvio» Unassigned
Category:feature» bug
Priority:Major» Normal
Status:Closed (won't fix)» Needs review
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I'll take a stab at it... Having a dependency of an abandoned project (jquery_form_update) doesn't inspire the usual blind confidence I have in anything that effulgentsia writes! :)

Attached is a patch that removes the dependency and checks the version number of jquery.form.js to ensure it >= 2.16. If not, it points the user to jQuery Update 2.x or greater. (I believe 2.x is when jquery.form.js was added to jQuery Update... It's just a change to the text of the error message is that's not the case).

Sorry, my text editor removes trailing whitespace on save so there are a couple of lines that didn't change but show up in the diff.

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Sorry, correct a comment about loading jquery_update.module during bootstrap...