So I have a client or two who has seen my Drupal site ( and they want one for themselves. I run mine from my own server, but obviously, these folks would need a host provider.

So, from the experiences of people here, what providers have sub $15 a month accounts that are pretty much all good to go for Drupal. That is, apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, and such is all ready to roll and works with Drupal and .htaccess for clean URLs? I'm looking to NOT have to monkey around with account configurations, to NOT have to install any of Drupal's pre-requisites, and to NOT argue with this provider's support staff to enable various server features.

I'm looking for recommendations here, and then I'll start investigating the results.



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I have a VPS (virtual private server) account with that runs Drupal fine. It's right at $15/month, but comes with sufficient memory and disk to run Apache and MySQL without any problems. The only catch is that you're root on the (virtual - UML) box and have to be comfortable enough on the command-line to "apt-get update ; apt-get -f dist-upgrade" yourself from Debain 3.0 to Debian Sarge. On the other hand, the flexibility of a virtual server is great. No more begging hosting admins to load this or that...

The way Debian works, you'll automatically get all of the dependencies loaded with "apt-get install drupal" and the package installation scripts take care of database setup and creation.


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Am with Tektonic as well for over a year. Think those $15 plans are no longer around. Am not happy with their lack of support, with submitting tickets that go unanswered. They are supposed to be moving my server from UML to Virtuozzo. Have not be able to access sites via ftp for several days, and they won't let me know what is going on.

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I've found tektonic to be good. I know debian fairly well.
I have had issues with the voting module and clean urls. I think this is largely my fault.
I have a nice clean install up and running debian stable with drupal 4.6 manually installed (via tarball, not apt-get). See I think this is the way to go @ tek. the debian stable is clean and light. that "box" has only 20 processes running with me sshed in! That's clean.
Any recommendations for a drupal god who is familiar w/ debian and apache2?

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Have you considered They'll setup Drupal for you. (I'm not an customer so I don't know how good their service is.)

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i use opensourcehost, and the service has been great. note that they are not only Drupal friendly, but also that they run opensourcecms. in other words, they are very friendly to any LAMP-based open source cms. i doubt if any other host provides such a useful service to the open source community.

robertDouglass’s picture is hosted by Their service is great, though I think thier server is sometimes sluggish. They are also a bit expensive. I recommend I've had equally good service and get a lot more bandwith and space for my dollar.

UPDATE (Oct. 27, 2005)
I had forgotten about this post, but Scott Goodwin (of OpenSourceHost) reminded me about it :-)

I got bitten badly by - they pulled their plug and disappeared, leaving no chance for recovering my sites or data. So much for value --- all the cheapness in the world couldn't help me then.

Since then, I've tried other hosts, and finally ended up running my own servers. For clients, however, I gladly recommend OpenSourceHost. I read the original comments that I made here as typical of someone who didn't have a lot of webhosting experience at the time they were written, which means that I'm sure there are others out there who will be tempted by the next "" deal. OpenSourceHost is one of the hosts that has an excellent track record and actively supports open source software.

- Robert Douglass

visit me at

my Drupal book | Twitter | Director, Product Operations Commerce Guys

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wow. how long have you been with entity hosting (i might consider switching later on)?

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No live sites yet. My Drupal installation cannot send email (see but I checked and it is not a problem with the hosting, it is a Drupal thing. Their contact person, Patrick Salami, has been extremely helpful. He's answered at least 20 mails from me while I was getting things set up. Plesk is great, and that combined with shell access and phpmyadmin means you can do anything you want. They've got Imagemagik and Perl and bunches of other stuff set up as well. You can even use FrontPage extenstions if you want (you can jump off tall buildings if you want). I've only worked with 3 hosting companies so far, and I'm lucky that Entity and OpenSource hosting are so helpful. I recommend both, but Entity is really the price killer. I have the delux package and can have unlimited domains and subdomains.

- Robert Douglass

UPDATE Oct. 27, 2005
As noted elswhere, Entity Hosting was a disaster. Avoid.

visit me at

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yeah. i was looking at that, as well as the 5gb of storage space and unlimited mysql db's. i was self-hosting on my own linux box on a university network until less than six months ago, and i really miss the extra space that i had available.

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I and others have been badly badly burned by EntityHosting. Do not use them!

Their technology is crap and they will not refund your money.

- Robert Douglass


my Drupal book | Twitter | Director, Product Operations Commerce Guys

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You can't go wrong with OpenSourceHost. Great customer service, they don't outsource the labor to Bangladesh and if you want they will donate 10% of your hosting fee to the open-source project of your choice.

Go with OpenSourceHost, you won't regret it. uses OpenSourceHost.

ON EDIT: I don't work for them.

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I've had some good experiences with opensourcehost, but recently their support has been very quick to close a ticket without addressing the issue or reading the ticket fully. Auto processing of credit cards when billing and termination of a paid up account due to their poor management of a domain migration has been a hassle to straighten out.

I think we're almost through that though and I wish them the best on their new infrastructure and hoping to continue working with them.

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Transnexis are really, really good.

No, I don't own shares in them, but I wish I did ;-)

Drupal Specialists: Consulting, Development & Training

Robert Castelo, CTO
Code Positive
London, United Kingdom

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From reading posts here, you'd think they suck, but on my free account I have been able to:

Install 3 Drupal sites (using table prefixing on one MySQL database)
Install ImageMagick and Aspell
Enable clean URLs
...all without trouble

Things you can't do on 1and1: install perl modules

They are pretty poor on responding to emails, and offer pretty much no customization but if you can do it yourself, they have a very reasonable $10/mo Drupal-compatible package.

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I also use 1and1 only issue I've found is no php accelerator. Also if you're using 1and1 check out this support forum:



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The link you posted goes to a 404. Can you check it again?


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1and1, though maligned elswhere in these pages, is a very flexible host provided you don't need heavy tech support. I've found if you really lay out your question in an email and really let them know you are not interested in a boilerplate response, they give you good support. Also, they have a live support feature which works very well. You call them and initiate the session. They can then see what's on your PC and you can work with them in real time. For some of the tougher situations this has been an excellent way to get through.


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Warr -

I recently started using for our new Drupal site. Their support is EXCELLENT, and provide a great environment for Drupal sites. My experience has been so good, that I decided to join their affiliate program - and will be featuring their banner through the banner module soon from my site.

I encourage everyone looking for a hosting facility for a Drupal (or any other site) to check them out via this link



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Great support, good prices, install was easy.

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I'm using AQHost and it is great. It is very affordable. I'm paying $16/month and am hosting almost 20 virtual domains.

What I really like is that they offer Fantastico, an installer of over 40 different open source apps (include Drupal).

I enjoy playing with the different open source apps and being able to install them in less than 20 seconds (and uninstall). I know that other hosting companies use Fantastico too.

The company seems to be a small shop, but the support is outstanding and I have not had any down-time in the past 6 months.

They also were able to install some custome Drupal Scripts upon request for a nominal fee.

nikle’s picture, my website is always fast, have had no downtime, and best of all support is really helpfull. My account has Fantastico, this let me setup Drupal in less than 30 seconds, it creates the database and config file for you. Also has phpMyAdmin, .htaccess, cpanel, ImageMagik (for drupal image module) and the works. If you're interested contact me through and I can get you deal :)

long live drupal!

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I have had virtual hosting accounts with them, many people at civicspace use them. All the stuff you want for hosting drupal. Thier support is awesome, and they also provide great dedicated and colo services. They just started a new set of plans, where you can get 10 sites (domains) for $10/mo. I have been working with them on dozens of websites for years. Great folks, great services, ridiculous uptime. No they arent paying me ;).

Oh, and I just saw they are having a special where you pay for one year and get the second year free, ridiculous.’s picture

what to look for. We have hosting that's obviously drupal friendly, since we run drupal on it and host other sites with the same behind the doors features we use. Take a look at out hosting packages. we could work something really nice for $15.00 ... most people only need 1 gb disk space, unless they have a lot of images. is the drupal website. is the ordering/support site. We just installed automated instant account activation, a php script that creates your account immediately after you pay. It is still being tested but it works.

Check it out... oh BTW drupal installs from your private CPanel using Fantastico ...

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Dreamhost works great!

Miguel Duarte

Webmaster of: Lisbon Guide & Love Poems

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I'm going to have to second this. Dreamhost is cheap ($8/month now I think) and you get 2.4gigs space, 120gB/m bandwidth, unlimited mysql, etc.

It has every single thing you need... I had NO issues setting up my site. Also they are extremely reliable. I used to be with CrystalTech when I was doing ColdFusion, and they were an amazing host, but so expensive. In between CrystalTech and Dreamhost I went through maybe... 5 different providers that were all crap.

Dreamhost is the way to go, seriously. They are SO reliable that I'm not going to give you my referral link because I'm afraid that might make you think I just want the referral!

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Does Dreamhost support Fantastico? I have never installed Drupal before and am looking to try it out, I like how it functions. How easy is it to setup at Dreamhost?


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I personally have found that in practice, Dreamhost has less than optimal server uptimes and sporadically poor performance on their shared plans.

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Hi decon,

(Disclaimer: I offer $50 Hosting Discounts through DreamHost. Part of the proceeds go to Drupal developers. For more info, please see my signature.)

To answer your question, DreamHost does NOT currently support Drupal installs via Fantastico.

I can understand the temptation of using Fantastico when available to do the installation for you, but I would highly recommend that you learn how to do the Drupal install yourself. It is really getting very easy to do the Drual install these days and you'll then be able to upgrade to the latest Drupal version without having to wait for Fantastico to update its files and then for the updates to be available via your web host. Also, the contributed modules and all themes not a part of the Drupal core have to be manually uploaded as they are not included in any Fantastico distributions that I know of as Fantastico only provides the core code. With Fantastico, you run the risk of being days, weeks, or even months behind while you wait for your web host to finally provide you the latest Drupal core code via its Fantastico files. You might want to review this link for more info. Also, DreamHost offers some help here on how to install Drupal to your DreamHost web site. You can also find quite a few DreamHost'ed sites by scrolling to the bottom of the link above to where it says, "Examples of Drupal on Dreamhost."

I, like you, didn't know how to go about installing Drupal when I first started looking into Drupal for my web site. Today, it's very easy for me and I can do an install on my DreamHost web site and be up and running in just a few minutes by loading everything up to my web site via FTP. It may be difficult at first as you learn things, but it really is the best way. Don't be afraid to try as many installations/deinstallations as you need to!

Here's some info from DreamHost straight from my DreamHost control panel:

Install new website software:
Fantastico, shmantastico.. DreamHost now has its very own one-click software installation!
All software listed here has been judged best in its class by us, not to mention being open-source and completely free!

You are also responsible for upgrading your old installations (you can do it from here!) should any critical security holes be discovered!

We do not provide technical support for this software beyond the initial installation. For technical support, contact the software authors at the official sites linked below.

Read more in our Wiki!

1. What software would you like to install?
PHP5 only:
activeCollab Collaboration (v0.6) -
MediaWiki Wiki (v1.7.1) -

PHP4 or 5:
WordPress Weblog (v2.0.4) -
phpBB Forum (v2.0.21) -
Gallery Image Album (v2.1) -
ZenCart Store (v1.3.0.1) -
Joomla (Mambo) CMS (v1.0.10) -

PHP4 only:
Advanced Poll (v2.03) -
WebCalendar Calendar (v1.0.4) -

Good luck. :)

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
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Don't create any files on dreamhost you don't want to live with fooooreeeeveeeer.

a database created in dreamhost is never fully dropped using their Goodies > MySQL. You can clear them from your web panel, but....

...if you login with phpMyAdmin you'll find every database ever created, even those that appear to be removed in the web panel. You cannot drop them with phpMyAdmin. Dreamhost cannot (or will not?) completely restore your domain. Even after removing the hosting options, once re-added you're files remain. Be careful!

Took going back and forth with their cust. support 5x to get this....

"Unfortunately no you can't reset your hosting. You can remove all
domains in domain->Manage domains and re-add them if you like, but
otherwise that's it. Let me know if you have any other questions."

If you remove the dreamhost hosting in attempt to reset your directory and then re-add your domain, you'll see Dreamhost has retained all of your files, they are ALL right there! Only way to resolve it to overwrite the files with junk data. Moral of the story, don't create any files on dreamhost you don't want to live.

needless to say I'm looking for a new host, this is nuts.

chx’s picture I have been hosting with them for years. I am very picky about support -- by the time I turn to support, you need some real guru to help me and as usual, I need it ASAP. They have that. They have fixed rewrite rules I have written in the past which I find pretty amazing.

I use the shared host option which gives your own environment, you may edit php.ini to your heart's content. Yet it's not full virtual host (for me, it means no admin hassle, no need to do security updates and so on) and you do not need to know Linux too much, no apt-get or so.

For $15 a month you get 2 gigabytes Disk and 30 gigabytes transfer.

Usual disclaimer: I am not a modwest employee or owner or whatever, just a very, very satisfied user for long years.

Drupal development: making the world better, one patch at a time. | A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.’s picture

We're new and we're hungry !! I dunno about what hosting "environment" is best but I think we could at least offer 3Gb and 40GBbw ... maybe even 4GB/40bw ... really, we can go pretty low. We're looking for good clients tho, people who will stay and help us build up.

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Modwest will charge you for every new database you add... But the support is GREAT !

Webmaster directory
Debug code

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I've been with them for several years and never had a problem installing a whole slew of open-source cms scripts.
You can get a small account with 1 mysql database for just $6/month, and the prices for the other accounts are also very reasonable.
Servers are RedHat/cPanel with Fantastico.
Takes me about 5-10 mins to set up a drupal site there (that includes grabbing the tar.gz file, unzipping etc. on the server).
If you have any special requirement (modules etc.), they are happy to oblige.
I once mentioned that I'd love subversion to be available on the server, for checking out projects, and within 5 minutes they had installed it for me.
They really are good folk there.

developer for, a drupal-powered community site

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I agree re. Had a homegrown blog there for about three years, a WordPress blog for about a year, and now a Drupal site for about three months. Good prices, generous on bandwidth/space/db, good performance, great service, you can use Fantastico to install Drupal, etc. etc. I'd recommend them.

r. neal

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Xeriom.NET ( are ideally suited to host the Drupal platform for the UK market. As well as having great plans, we will install Drupal on your webspace and setup all the database stuff so you just have to sign up for your initial user.

A working install of Druapl running on our servers can be found at

If you'd like to ask any questions please don't hesitate to email me; my email address is included in my signature below.
Craig Webster | w: | e:

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I'm using two different hosts, one supports cpanel with the fantastico script installer, which includes drupal. With this provider I can install and upgrade drupal very easily, with just a few clicks. With the other one I have to do everything manually.

canadian directory |’s picture

We have it for all our clients. I wonder how often they update the scripts tho? I My Drupal one says there's an update available (manual update only) so somehow it knows when the scripts are out of date ... I definitely would NOT try to update through fantastico though ... :) not even if they said it would work !

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Fantastico takes care of the upgrade of the base install and the database, any modules, themes or theme engines must be upgraded manually. If you backup often your database and your drupal dir you wouldn't have any trouble.

By far I have been able to upgrade my installation from version 4.5 to 4.5.2 and now to 4.6 using fantastico without any issues. Once you do a manual upgrade you are no longer able to update through fantastico.
Webmaster Resources Site

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First install is not an issue. It can be automated fairly easily.

However, how does fantastico handle upgrade of your data?

Also, do they support or handle add on modules?

Drupal performance tuning and optimization, hosting, development, and consulting:, Inc. and Twitter at: @2bits
Personal blog: Ba’s picture

... are up to you to get ahold of and install. Fantastico will upgrade the base script, as soon as the owners/developers send it to Fantastico, but that's all.

Fantastico is just a great way for developers to market their script. A lot of the responsibility for what Fantastico uses is on the developers who provide it. For instance, the base install of XOOPS from their website has several modules active in the installed version. The one they provide for Fantastico has all modules disabled in the install.

Did that answer your question?


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Fantastico does not handle updates of the data, however it will udpate the base install... I don't think it installs/handles modules... My company also hosts websites and the prices are negotiable and everything in Drupal works on our server. We even initially set up Drupal for you with the modules you want if you buy our hosting. Check the details below, we do payments through PayPal.


Etopian (Support & Hosting)

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... who does the upgrades and etc , that would be us. We can write modules and upgrade the versions, and fix or create any database in the shop here ... It's always nice to know where you can get help if you need it though...

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I thought I'd join in with the "plug your webhost" thread ;)

I reccommend I have a number of websites with them and they all load extremely fast, I have an installation of Drupal running:
I have also made a server status page which you can use to confirm uptime is actually 99%:

They provide cPanel Pro 1.0 and Fantastico so you can set up Drupal in a matter of seconds.
Customer Support is extremely friendly and are willing to bend over backwards to help you.

Just my $0.02

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned ASO yet.

Excellent prices, and their customer service is the best I've ever seen.

Very Drupal friendly!

Josh Stevens
Nautilus7 Design |

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I'm thinking about hosting a customers site here. For $7.50, they offer unlimited storage and 50GB bandwith. Full plan details here.

Any good or bad experiences?



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Avoid anyone saying they offer unlimited space or data transfer - such a thing doesn't exist they are liars.
Do you own an unlimited GB hard drive? My point exactly.

Mahatma’s picture

No I'm not a moderator and don't wanna be, but I agree with your assessment, double-but u were too harsh, maybe, possibly ... ;)

It might be more accurate to say that *probably* any host who offers unlimited bandwidth or disk space is gambling heavily that it will never be used, and in fact it will never be used according to statistics, and the statistically small percentage of people who use a lot can or will be discouraged in some fashion whenever their usage exceeds the norm that most other hosts advertise. It's easier to get rid of 1 or two out of a thousand without any fuss than one might think.

So you are right! but not politically correct! IMHO

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I've run several Drupal sites at very successfully. $7.95 per month with lots of storage and bandwidth.

- gil -

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We have little problems hosting Drupal and despite being services and not mass market directed we tend to chage (depending upon the resource demands of a project) for a typical operations less (even including domain, mail and other "basic" other services). We don't charge any set-up fees--- and no fees to leave either. We don't have any moving prices for disk storage or transfer either but handle these things on a case by case basis since its not really ever a question of how much traffic a site is getting in a month but how much impact on the network the site's traffic and resource demands are. Most of the non-premiere sites would be probably be under the 120 EURO/Year mark--- and many well below that.

About us:

IBU/BSn: We've, to put it lightly, have been around for some time. My company was among the first to provide commercial Internet services in Germany, back even (1992) before the acceptable use policies were lifted on the then ASF backbones--- I personally go back to the early days of the ARPAnet--- and a WWW early adopter... In fact, among other basic Web technologies and concepts, the first ever Mail->Web gateway came from me.

We have, however, an acceptable use policy and don't accept sites judged by us (yes subjective appraisal) to have pornographic or primary racist content.

With respect to Drupal--- and why I've come to this site--- we are working on launching some new concepts and modules (see my points in the General Forum) within the D-A-S-H project ( ) to advance the development of a vision of a Pan-European youth information network. As many of you know, Drupal has been successfull in the project.

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Fluidhosting is very nice.

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Textdrive has been amazing, and they are active on their support forum (


If asked, they would probably even make Drupal one of the open source projects you can choose to have half the profits from your subscription contributed to.

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I've been using Site5 with no problems. I am running multiple Civic Space sites using their hosting (I'm on a reseller account).

They include Fantastico, but I haven't used it to install Drupal since I use Civic Space.

They always answer my questions very quickly and have lots to offer.

q0rban’s picture

I have three drupal sites on site5 and I highly recommend them... ssh, great uptime, fast servers, fantastico.. great customer service.. they have even promptly installed some requested programs on my server..

_ _
( ' _' )

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I set up a site for a friend with an account on It went quite smoothly and works on their cheapest account, $5/month. Doesn't see a lot of traffic, though, so I can't speak to scalability. Also their support people tend to mark issues as resolved as soon as possible, even if they're not really resolved.

I also have a site running on 1and1, which I started using because of their free 3 year deal a while back.

eaton’s picture

I've had excellent success with They run a nice LAMP setup and the $40 a month package (the high end) even allows unlimited mysql DBs and 50 domains. I'm hosting no less than five drupal sites there at the moment, and support's good as well. They have Fantastico for turnkey Drupal config, but Fantastico is still at version 4.6.1.

Definitely check them out, I've been really happy with the pricing, service, and support.

espertus’s picture

I'm thrilled with They charge $29.95/year (which comes to under $3/month) and offer Drupal. I can (and do) install additional modules. You can see my site at The service has been excellent (fast, intelligent responses to my technical questions).

chameleonwebhosting’s picture

Highland Webosting is a drupal friendly host, i.e. all of the pre-requisites are already in place, and we even have drupal on our installer for people who aren't confident that they'll be able to get the initial drupal install to work first time.

The prices are also in our opinion, really good value, and the extras are also really cheap for when you want to expand the plans a little bit.

chameleonwebhosting’s picture

We've introduced two new plans that are available right now.

They still get all the extras that we offer on our higher priced plans, so you can have big impact on the web, without having a big impact on your pocket (god that sounds cheesy lol!)

Anyway, just thought you'd all like to know about it. We even have a tour now alongside our CPanel demo so not only do you know what you get, you can have a test drive of it too!

Highland Webhosting

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After a LOT of looking around for a few days in mid-March 2006 and comparing features, pricing, etc., I went with DreamHost.

For more info, please visit

DreamHost has A LOT OF FEATURES to offer, including a really nice control panel they developed. Also, the COUPONS I created for folks to use when signing up should make the DreamHost offer all that more attractive. I created two coupons: (1) a NO4995SETUPFEE coupon to waive the $49.95 set up fee that appears on monthly plans and (2) a 50DOLLARDISCOUNT coupon to obtain a $50 discount on the initial cost of any plan that's for a year or two. For example, you'll pay an average of $5.78/month on the Level 1 "Crazy Domain Insane" 1-year plan with the $50 coupon vs. $9.95/month without the coupon. You simply enter the coupon code when signing up to get the discount!

Another Drupal user here on the forums gave me a great deal by allowing me to use his coupon (anyone can obtain and freely use a coupon; they come from DreamHost and it's their marketing incentive to promote sales). So, I'm extending a discount to other folks that are in need of hosting like I was. You'll be able to offer other folks a discount and also make a small amount of money by recommending DreamHost and having folks use your coupon, so everyone wins! :) Take a look at

If anyone has questions about the coupons, please feel free to contact me via

Thank you and I hope the info above helps!

Walt Esquivel, MBA, MA, Captain - U.S. Marine Corps (Veteran)
President, Wellness Corps, LLC
Drupal Users and Developers by Geographical Location

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After my experience with GoDaddy - not enough rights to properly run Drupal in the MySQL as well as constantly feeling like I'm being advertised too even though I'm a paying customer - I took you up on your no setup fee coupon and got DreamHost hosting. Let's see how this goes.

(though I apparently have to wait 60 days to transfer the domain I just bought at owell, isn't that special, heh)

--EDIT: It seems like it is taking a LONG TIME for my account setup to propogate through their system... It took nearly an hour before I could login to the webmail. Let's hope other changes don't take so long!

--EDIT2: It takes a long time for ANY change to propogate. Do not use this service if you anticipate making frequent changes to any email/ftp/shell/user accounts, or subdomain names... every single change seems to take 30 minutes or more. Outside of this, it does seem to work okay so far. Except that I still haven't gotten as far as being able to actually install Drupal, since every change that I needed to make works its way through the system like molasses.

Walt Esquivel’s picture

Thanks for your post because it's good to know the positives and negatives of any web hosting company, especially the one I'm relying on at this time, DreamHost.

I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. So far, I'm pleased with DreamHost and I haven't had the "30 minutes or more" wait times that you've had in setting up my webmail addresses; I haven't yet set up any subdomains so I can't comment on that.

However, I do know there was one hiccup with receiving webmail shortly after I established my account...not sure if it had to do with propagation or not, but everything is working great now.

After a few days to give the system time to fully propagate (my understanding is that it sometimes takes 24-72 hours for everything to propagate), please post a follow-up here to let me know how things are working for you. I look forward to your post.

Walt Esquivel, MBA, MA, Captain - U.S. Marine Corps (Veteran)
President, Wellness Corps, LLC
DreamHost Rewards Affiliate Program

Walt Esquivel’s picture

Hi lotherius,

Because you signed up with DreamHost after reading my post encouraging folks to use them as a web host by taking advantage of the discounts listed above and which are still available and because you initially reported some issues, I'm interested in knowing if your experience with DreamHost has improved. I hope it has.

I've been with DreamHost a few months and haven't experienced any real issues. I use an FTP program to move files back and forth and it's a breeze. I've been testing Drupal and have, on numerous occasions, deleted all Drupal files from my DreamHost account to include databases. At other times I've used DreamHost's phpMyAdmin to easily delete some tables. I've been able to easily create new databases and test Drupal 4.7 and many contributed 4.7.0 modules without any issues other than issues pertaining directly to the modules themselves.

So, all in all, I can say I've been a happy camper with DreamHost. :)

I guess I just wanted to know how your DreamHost experience has been since you last posted your comment back on April 2, 2006.

Disclaimer: the only affiliation I have with DreamHost is with their affiliate program.

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i see this post and find that there are really three recommendations and you posted issues with this.
so i wonder if they are still there or gone. would you recommend them?

thanks in advance.

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I am! (See node/56175

My servers have:

GUI admin for MySQL (phpMyAdmin on one but a different app on the other)
Ready to roll and working with Drupal and clean URLs

I (server support staff) won't argue with my fellow Drupal developers - and will listen to what you need. If I know you and trust you, I'm even happy to let you configure the server yourself for the benefit of all of us using it.

What does it cost? I provide hosting starting from 10.00GBP (about $17) a month

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I use IX Web Hosting for my drupal sites. They seem to work really fast. They don't have cron but poormanscron works great for me. Their hosting that supports drupal starts at under $7 a month.

George Algozzini

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We heard good things about IX hosting but we are getting poor service. Site intermittently slows down a LOT.

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I'm using Business Plan atm.
- extremely slow at the time of this post. Periodically you got the feeling servers are not running for a moment or two
- some MySQL servers going down every 2 minutes (the last 2 months and more) constantly
- good support via live chat and ticket system (although the answers are barely 3 sentences, the response is really quick)
- old (very very old) versions of CGI tools and everything there
- nice, clean control panel, if you fall on that
- err...yeah, that's all

That's my experience with them. Basically, I'm not satisfied at all. For $7/mo you can get way better hosting I believe, at least stable...

About my testing Drupal site, most of the time i see "Cannot Connect To Database Server", my favorite *Drupal Screen Of Death*. Ofc I don't see that message when the servers are up.

galgoz, you have CRON, but it's damn hidden :)
- You have to create ftp account for your main domain first
- Go to "FTP Manager", a new option will be there called "Crontab" (under "Host Name")
- Click the small *edit* icon to make some crons


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interesting discussion guys. Any uk or european Drupal users got any hosts they could recommend? I notice that many of the above are US based.


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Donhost do a good deal - their shared servers are nearly-Drupal ready but they also do dedicated servers. I also resell their hosting and host a lot of my own Drupal sites on one of their dedicated servers which I've made 100% Drupal-friendly so, if you want low-cost hosting, I can provide it for you.

I also have dedicated servers with NetBenefit but they can prove to be costly.w


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I've got my stuff hosted on, and a recent post on their member forums shows that installing Drupal is pretty straight forward. They give you one or more MySQL database processes, and you can administer your virtual host via SSH in a FreeBSD jail. The service is great (the guy who runs it posts on the forums, and they have very dedicated support staff). The cool thing is the pricing - they only charge for bandwidth used (1US$/GB or lower if you buy in bulk) and storage (very little money). No basic fee, no setup fees. You get your account with SSH access and everything for just 1$.

It's well connected in the US. Routing to Europe can be a bit on the weak side - that's not a problem for me, I just host a normal website, not media-intensive stuff.

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I suggest everyone actually wait a few months before you pass verdict. Some hosting companies seem great while you build your site but once that's done, they'll back on everything they promised and said.

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In two more days I'll be with Site5 for a year. And I'm very happy with all my Drupal and CivicSpace sites hosted there. I'm currently running more than a dozen sites on my space.

Jenni S.

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Good to hear. I know Morbus Iff hosts with them. Stay clear of SiteGround!

I got my own VPS with steadfastnetworks, it seemed to be the best solution and I won't risk having the site shut down again as if it falls, it can't bring any other sites with it.

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I can only recommend Bluehost on this. They are wonderful!
15Gb of space and 400Gb of transfer @$6.95 per month, with full out-the-box Drupal support and Fantastico scripts.

Check out

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what's file size upload limitated to? 2MB?

jacauc’s picture

No, the file size is set by your PHP.INI settings.
..and this is absolutely configurable on bluehost. (Mine is currently set to 10Mb actually)


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can u really config your own php.ini on a shared host? this is first time. :)
that's wonderful if u can

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You have to manually copy it to every directory that requires it, but Bluehost creates the intial one in your web root for you.
As I say, i'm using it myself.

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I'd have to plug (my own company), since almost all the sites I am creating for clients are in drupal. We have fantastico installer for 4.6 and are also compatible with 4.7
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ivanoats on #drupal-support IRC

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I have been with Site5 for 8 months and I am very satisfied. All trouble tickets were handled quickly and accurately. But I have only had two problems (which I created). I have had two brief outages, They use the forum section for outage notices, so I was informed - they could have been more descriptive. I have a dosen sites up and have used Fanastico to install and uninstall WordPress and Joomla and then install Drupal. All installs and uninstalls were easy (3 steps). Since people are listing offers, I went to and the least expensive 'unlimited' sites offer is $9.97/ month if you pay for two years and 11.97/ month for annual billing and it goes up for shorter contracts. They list a 60 day money back quarantee and so on.

They have been developing - and finally 'got it' - a multisite and individual site integrated management tool. I love it. It is intuitive for a Windows professional. Adding and managing sites is almost too easy. And it is allowing me to slowly get acquainted with all things ending in "...nix"as well as php, etc. because site creation is not killing me. Now, I am getting on with the business of learning Drupal. And trying to have some content.

Best wishes,

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I use for my hosting. I believe I have their middle "value plan", if I remember correctly. It is inexpensive ($5.50 a month or something like that, I pay by the year). Plenty of disc space and bandwidth for me, but, maybe not if you have a really high traffic site and/or a lot of images or something. MySQL and Postgres, unlimited domains, unlimited emails, unlimited databases. cPanel for configuration. SSH if you request it (may have to jump through some hoops).

I have had no really problems with them, but, keep in mind their TOS states you need to do your own backups -- if they have catastrophic problems you are on your own to restore your site - this is probably standard, but... The will try to keep your site backed up but it is ultimately your responsibility to backup and restore should bad things happen.

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I use they have good web hosting plans with free extras. Prices are from $4.75 and up to 200GB Space and 2000GB Bandwidth. My Drupal site works well.

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I have Drupal and Joomla on DreamHost without problems. It is not fantastic fast but enough good. And they upgrade themselves permanently.

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I also vote for DreamHost.

It's an excellent webhost for that price. SQL can be slower than in some hosts, but it runs like a cluster, load balancing several servers like if it was just one.

If you want a $97 promo code to try DreamHost, you may use [strong]97promo[/strong]
When I signed up I also used a $97 promo code, and ended paying less than $23 for my first year.
Is there a better way to evaluate a webhoster?
Full explanation is here:

It's mine, and I don't earn anything from your referral. Only if you earn money as an affiliate.

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I currently host one site with Maiahost and I am pleasantly surprised. Great price and fast support.

seanenroute’s picture

I picked up one of their developer packages a couple years ago and it's been outstanding. Their basic packages with MySQL and PHP start at $5 - and that is with 25 databases, 2 free domain names and 100 GB of web space.

I currently have over twenty websites running off of my shared server package and integration with Drupal has been very easy.

I happily recommend it to all my customers after I tried out a lot of other hosts.

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Dear Drupalers!

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of new drupal-only webhosting service.

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Here are the Server Specs:
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Latest Software:
The servers run the latest and most optimized application software.
1. OS: CentOS v5
2. Control Panel: cPANEL
3. Apache v2.2.6
4. Mysql5 : v 5.0.27
5. PHP5 : v 5.2.5
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See the PHPINFO() on the server in realtime:

Premium Bandwidth:
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Here is the current Server Status report (realtime):

Feel free to ask us questions, would appreciate hearing from drupalers :)


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I am an unfortunate customer. They have downtime almost daily, have completely stopped responding to support tickets, and the control panel is only partially functional.

Go somewhere else, like I'm doing.

seanray’s picture

I think there are many discussion around Drupal Value Hosting before, and in general, it's not a good one. But looks like there is little improvement from them recently ....

Want to setup a Drupal site, find the best Drupal Hosting for it now.

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Sasha James

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