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MD5: c0da570e1ed8c8b8fea0f381f4f0fdf2
SHA-1: 6e34b07adf94251ce872cb4555b3c230f0c81612
SHA-256: 83151976b2e801df6c2168b76f2d7e24f7a78458d7ba1cdc4a97880637e810c5
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MD5: 2cd919829715fd8f24ad3eec8f921d05
SHA-1: 8f49f5724dfeb669714c4d7a15d6f125a9d7973e
SHA-256: a788839d9587928cd3eebc07ed07c56b869c0f28f28a91c0a742afb2df89d114

Release info

Created by: alex_b
Created on: 10 Sep 2010 at 18:46 UTC
Last updated: 13 Sep 2010 at 21:55 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features

Release notes

Feeds Defaults replaced by Feature modules:

Up to version 1.0 beta4, the included Feeds Defaults module captured a couple of useful default importer configurations that could be enabled as needed. This release replaces this module with three "Feature modules" capturing equivalent configurations. When upgrading from beta 4 or lower, these modules will be enabled by default. Read more about these Feature modules in the README.txt file.

Note for maintainers of Feeds plugins:

  • Function signatures for FeedsProcessor::map(), FeedsProcessor::existingItemId(), FeedsProcessor::uniqueTargets(), FeedsParser::getSourceElement() have changed.
  • Batching API for FeedsProcessors has changed, this affects all processors that support batching.
  • If a parser uses free textfield entries for defining source elements it must override getMappingSources() and return FALSE.

Changes since 1.0 beta 4 release

  • #849840 adityakg, rbayliss, alex_b: Submit full mapping on every submission.
  • #849834 rbayliss, alex_b: Generalize feeds_config_form() to feeds_form().
  • #907064 alex_b: Track imported terms.
  • #906720 alex_b: Introduce a hook_feeds_after_clear().
  • #905820 tristan.oneil: Adjust delete message in FeedsDataProcessor to avoid misleading total numbers.
  • #671538 mburak: Use CURLOPT_TIMEOUT to limit download time of feeds.
  • #878002 Will White, David Goode: Support multiple sources per mapping target in FeedsDataProcessor.
  • #904804 alex_b: Support exportable vocabularies.
  • #836876 rsoden, Will White, alex_b: Add simple georss support to Common Syndication Parser.
  • #889196 David Goode: Support for non-numeric vocabulary IDs for feature-based vocabularies.
  • #632920 nickbits, dixon_, David Goode, alex_b et al: Inherit OG, taxonomy, language, user properties from parent feed node. Note: Signatures of FeedsProcessor::map(), existingItemId(), FeedsParser::getSourceElement() changed.
  • #897258 TrevorBradley, alex_b: Mapping target nid.
  • #873198 BWPanda, morningtime: Import multiple values to tag vocabulary.
  • #872772 andrewlevine: Fix buildNode() (and node_load()) called unnecessarily.
  • #873240 thsutton: Use isset() to avoid notices.
  • #878528 Sutharsan: Don't show file in UI if file does not exist.
  • #901798 alex_b: Fix time off in SitemapParser.
  • #885724 eliotttf: Avoid array_flip() on non scalars.
  • #885052 Hanno: Fix small typo in access rights.
  • #863494 ekes, alex_b: Delete temporary enclosures file.
  • #851194 alex_b: Featurize - move default functionality from feeds_defaults to feeds_fast_news, feeds_import and feeds_news features.
  • #617486 alex_b: Create link to original source, view of items on feed nodes.
  • #849986 lyricnz, alex_b: Cleaner batch support.
  • #866492 lyricnz: Clean up tests.
  • #862444 pounard: Do not name files after their enclosure class.
  • #851570 morningtime: Avoid trailing slashes when passing file paths to file_check_directory().
  • #836090 andrewlevine, alex_b: Include mapping configuration in hash.
  • #853156 alex_b: Support real updates of terms.
  • #858684 alex_b: Fix notices when file not found.


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