This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is now unsupported, please look to the Metatag module for an upgrade path to Drupal 7 and 8.

Original description

This project allows you to add meta tags to Drupal pages, both manually and automatically based on various settings. Paying attention to meta tags, such as keywords, description and canonical URL, may help obtain better search engine positioning. The module aims to support the most useful meta tags, others may be created using the module's custom hooks.

Version notes

Drupal 7 versions
Nodewords is only for D6, for D7 use the new Metatag module which is a ground-up rewrite; an upgrade path is provided with the module.
Drupal 6 versions
• The 6.x-1.x branch is under active development.
• The 6.x-2.x branch is what used to be known as the post-6.x-1.12 rewrite from 2009-2010. THE v2 BRANCH IS NOT SUPPORTED. If you used any 6.x-1.12 alpha/beta/rc releases, please read our upgrade guide.

Known Issues

  • Versions 6.x-1.9, 6.x-1.10 and 6.x-1.11 had a severe bug that could cause data loss when updating from 6.x-1.8 or older. The problem was in how nodewords_update_6162() changed the format of the 'id' field, causing records with an 'id' (nid, tid, uid) over 65,536 to be lost. The bug has been fixed in the current 6.x-1.x-dev release but any data lost as a result of this bug is irretrievable. The maintainers are terribly sorry about this and humbly apologize if your site(s) suffered data loss as a result of this and vow to do our utmost to ensure errors of this magnitude never happen again.
  • Meta tags cannot be output with non-PHPTemplate themes like Chameleon or Marvin without customizing the theme, see the README.txt file for full details.
  • Use of the new Open Graph meta tags require that the theme be customized, review the README.txt file for full details.
  • Upgrading from v6.x-1.12-x (beta or rc1): This is a little complex as four submodules are no longer included. You must: a) backup your existing database, b) put your site into maintenance mode, c) clear your cache tables, d) delete all files from the previous version, e) install the new version, and f) run the database updates (drush works best) to avoid complications. If any problems show up after that, please open a ticket and document your current site & any error messages that show.
  • Many of the code & API changes from the 6.x-1.12-x development cycle have been reverted; modules that integrate with the Nodewords APIs will have to be updated accordingly.
  • Nodewords currently does not support tokens, that functionality was lost when the 6.x-1.12-x codebase was reverted. Adding Token support is planned for a future release:
  • If ThemeKey stops changing the theme after Nodewords is enabled, the problem is with another module and can be resolved by adjusting the ThemeKey module's weight in the 'system' table, see #754970: Skipped rule checking because another module already initialized the theme engine for more details.

Additional Notes

  • As general rule, before updating to a new version try it on a test site first, and make a backup of the database tables used by the module before to updating the production site.
  • While no specific support is given for internationalization / translation of meta tags, some of the module hooks exposed could be used to accomplish this, specifically hook_nodewords_tags_alter() and hook_nodewords_tags_output_alter().


The current maintainer is Damien McKenna.

The original author of this module is Andras Barthazi. Mike Carter, Gabor Hojtsy and Robrecht Jacques provided some feature enhancements, while Alberto Paderno maintained the module for much of its Drupal 6 lifecycle. Dave Reid contributed greatly to the launch of v6.x-1.13, and Nate Haug played an instrumental role in deciding to scrap the ill-conceived v6.x-1.12 release.

Current development sponsored by Mediacurrent.

Supporting organizations: 
Ongoing development sponsorship.

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