I've implemented hook_content_extra_fields() in a custom module to allow a custom field to be sorted on the "manage fields" tab, as described e.g. in this lullabot article.

Is it possible to make that custom field "sortable" by nodeformcols as well? At the moment the field does not appear on the "manage form" tab and as a result the field just shows up at the top of the form (not sure how the sort order is being determined in this case); on the "manage fields" tab I have the field sorted differently of course...

Is there a respective hook which I could implement in my module? Alternatively, it would be great if nodeformcols would be able to manage any fields added using hook_content_extra_fields()... :-)

Also I think the module should really do something about the issue of having two forms for sorting fields; I think this is rather confusing at the moment and otherwise it's a great module! ;-)



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yes it would be a great feature !

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bforchhammer would you mind sharing your custom module? The last update to this module was in September.

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Well, the whole (or half, at least) point of nodeformcols is to separate the form and display order of fields, so the use of two forms to sort fields will not go away. And there is a hook_nodeformcols_base_form_alter that can be used to modify the form before NFC tries to detect fields.

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Thanks for the response Hugo. I love the work you've been doing with this module. I've also gotten a lot of use out of http://drupal.org/project/field_group Any possibility of these ever working together?