I'm formally requesting if the modules is still being actively maintained as per http://drupal.org/node/251466. Otherwise I'd love to take this as an opportunity to help coordinate development into a mega-awesome Meta Tags module to rule them all.


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This sounds like a great idea. As someone who has used both Integrated Metatags and Nodewords, it would be great if the functionality of Integrated Metatags finds its way into the new module. Integrated Metatags is definitely fulfilling some use cases that Nodewords currently does not.

In particular, Integrated Metatags use of Token to auto generate custom metatags for nodes, as well as a very simple UI - are extremely useful. The main drawback of Integrated Metatags is lack of Views support (which I also believe is not fully supported in Nodewords?), & (I think) limited options for creating default metatags, & custom metatags by path or by node.

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It's been over two weeks but I haven't e-mailed the current maintainer Craig yet. I'm doing so today and will wait another week for a reply before transferring to the webmaster's queue.

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My apologies, I am still here. I've had a bit going on, and have had this dwelling in the back of my mind.

I think it's a fantastic idea to roll this into Nodwords/Metatags. Feel free to contact me about moving this forward.

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Can I say that even in it's current state, it works great for me for D6.

Just found this and it is absolutely perfect for what I need.

You rock :)

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aye for a merger

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noting issue on merger with Nodewords (D6) module:

suggesting merger for Meta tags (D7) module:

suggesting tagging as not having a D7 version, if there is success in at least setting up ideas/roadmaps for Nodewords (D6) and/or Metatags (D7).

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