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Adding existing tables: TW can manage existing tables, create Schema API information and generate views integration for it. Data can do this only with its own tables. However, Data uses very similar approaches to generate schema API information and views integration for its tables. Adding existing tables would be a rather small change.

This last sentence ... "Adding existing tables would be a rather small change" ... I'm looking for this possibility urgently. I gonna look into the code and readme file and hope to find how-to do this.

If possible, could you give me a push?

Feature request: Please create some kind of option that admins can switch on or off to include existing tables.

Thanks in advance


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Just curious: does the table in question show up in the "adopt table" screen (admin/build/data/adopt) ? If so, simply adopt it and it shows up under admin/build/data/overview .

Turning off is a bit more difficult: simply rename your table on the database side, then "drop" the table within the Data admin screen.

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Yeah, existing tables can be used by 'adopting' them. Tables show only up in the 'adopt' screen if they don't have a schema declaration yet. If they do, they are considered to be 'owned' by another module. That said, you can use Data's API (DataTable and DataHandler) class on any table known to Drupal.

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