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Facebook-style Micropublisher (abbreviated FBSMP), is a module which lets users publish content (links, images, audios, video, etc) along with their Facebook-style Statuses. You can easily imitate any social networking site using FBSMP such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google Buzz.

FBSMP provides support for publishing links, photos, videos and documents (such as .ppt, .doc) "out of the box". FBSMP integrates with a large number of modules. Many of these modules further integrate with other modules which makes it easy to introduce features in your own social networking site.

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Facebook-style Micropublisher integrates with FBSS, and therefore is available on all the relevant pages provided by FBSS (FBSS Pages) such as delete page, edit page, conversation page, etc.

Module Integration

FBSMP integrates with a large number of modules. Integration with other modules enable you to introduce a wide range of features on your social networking site.

Views integration allows site administrators to create a list of statuses with attachments, or create albums from uploaded photos, or create video albums from uploaded videos.
Activity integration allows published content to appear in a Facebook-style "mini-feed" of users' activity on your website. Works with 2.x branch of Activity.
Integration with the (core) trigger module is available so that various actions can be performed when statuses with attachments (links, images, videos, etc) are updated.
Integration with the Rules module allows complex, pre-determined actions to occur when a user submits or deletes a status which has a FBSMP attachment. Rules is basically a more powerful version of the core Trigger module. You can use rules to have FBSS integrate with even more other modules (such as UserPoints, Application Toolbar).
Userpoints awards users points for doing certain actions on a site. These points can be used like money in E-Commerce or just for fun (for example, to show rankings). With FBSMP, users can earn points for publishing content on your site.
Application Toolbar
The Application Toolbar (Appbar) module provides a toolbar at the bottom of each page that alerts users of actions on the site that are relevant to them. FBSMP integrates with Appbar through Rules.
Like the Activity module, Heartbeat provides a stream of users' recent activity on your site, including published content.

Individual plugins integrates with several other modules like Emvideo, ImageCache, Input Filters and more.

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FBSMP is only working in D6,
I want exactly the same thing in D7. Please anyone help me