First, fantastic job on this project - especially in it's early stage!

I know this request is probably something far down the road, but would it be on the roadmap at all to allow users on a site to use a sweaver UI to theme certain pages? For example, allow users to theme their profile page (based on selectors you allow), content types, etc. has something where you can pick the background colors, border, font, padding, etc of content types using a UI similar to sweaver. I know it's very early on, but would this be a possibility?

Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see where this goes. :)


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Also asked in #876176: Interact with OG? (Organic Groups).

It's on our todo list, but not sure how and when this will be done - but should make it in alpha 2 though!

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Version: 6.x-1.0-alpha1 » 6.x-1.x-dev

Moving to dev, we're thinking about this - but there is not concrete roadmap though.

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This is another interesting point where Sweaver and Skinr intersect. Since Skinr already has the means to apply a style to certain paths, content types, views, etc. (and likely more down the road -- like based on Context), one approach would be to leave the skin creation up to Sweaver, but then use the Skinr UI to apply that style where you'd like.

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Yeah, it'd be amazing to be able to create a series of sweaver based skins or themelets and apply these contextually, either through the context module or the skinr interface.

I've long thought that it'd be great to have downloadable themelets (little bits of theme or css snippets, like maybe a theme for a search block or a primary menu). Maybe these could be part of sweaver? Just an idea!

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As noted earlier, I think Sweaver could capitalize on the Skinr module. The site admin can create/define CSS divs, and then define permissions/roles to OG admins to change these CSS divs using a GUI interface like Sweaver.

I'd really appreciate something like this. If it could work like the YouTube channel theming, it would be ideal.

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I'd love to see this done through integration with Skinr. :-)

There was a related discussion at #853016: Find classes defined in the theme info file (eg skinr classes)

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I'm wondering if using Context and/or Spaces would be a good way to approach styling specific pages. I want to allow users to customize their user profile pages and only their pages. Maybe this is out of the scope of the Sweaver module since it seems that Sweaver make global changes. What I, and others want is a way to give each user a tool to customize their pages. This would require much finer grain permissions. I'm new to the is module and I'd love to hear other's thoughts about the scope of Sweaver.

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Just had a look at Context and Spaces. Very interesting. I think that may be a good direction to go, but we need to figure out a simple, intuitive UI.

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This is an option that we are still considering. However, it will require some big changes to the permission system and the saving of the files. A flexible system that allows sweaver to work with og/context/spaces etc would be ideal of course.

It might take a few weeks before this gets in though.

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I understand the time and effort required to put this functionality in place. I am just happy the concept is being given attention. Will this go straight to a D7 release or D6 as well? I need D6 support.

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I think both will probably need to go into a new branch since it really involves a couple of API changes which might interfere with the current code base. Since we don't have a use case at this moment ourselves at work, we don't have immediate plans to work on it though.

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That makes sense, will it be addressed in D6 before D7?

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Hi, I would like to open up a channel with the maintainers of this module. I'm going to need virtually the entire feature set of this module but with organic groups integration for a big D7 project I'm working on. My questions are as follows:

Did you investigate how this module may work with Organic Groups (or individual users' content)?
If so, did you deem the task difficult or easy to accomplish?

If you think the task would not be too difficult I will have a developer (I'm a themer/site-builder) look at adding organic groups functionality to this module and provide patches here (or in a D7 version of this issue). If you think that this might be too difficult we might just have to start from scratch (which I would prefer not to do but the developer may).

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Hi Pribeh !

I haven't used OG yet so I cannot give you a straight answer. Give me a couple of days and I'll analyze the situation.

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Thanks Quentin, I'll appreciate any info you can provide.

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Okay these are just my first impressions.

From what I understand Sweaver can be modified to do what you want and I will certainly help you to achieve your goal because it is a long time wanted improvement.

I'm still getting to know OG so I cannot evaluate precisely how much work there is to do here. I think I understand what you want and how it is supposed to work. Now I'm gonna take a precise look at OG api which will need to be extensive if we want to do it quickly.

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Thank you for your quick response Quentin. I will get our developer to look into this as soon as time permits for him (which may next week or the following).

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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.x-dev

I think this is stimulating to me because I decided to draw you all the roadmap. Sorry that the following is a bit blurry sometimes and not so much clear but I wrote it as it came to me :)


The general idea is to be able to assign to users the permission to theme certain parts of a Drupal site. So first of all it will be necessary to add to OG a new set of permissions.

To make it work with Sweaver small amount of modifications should be done to the function sweaver_show_editor. This is the function that tells Sweaver to use or not use the editor with the current user and on this right path. So for example we could add to OG a field for every group and in this field the administrator of the group would define which path could be modifiable (so the inverse of the current process that define all path that cannot be modifiable).

Then we could also imagine that certain parts of the page could not be modifiable. See for that the CONST SWEAVER_SELECTORS_EXCLUDE.

By the way other permissions should be defined in aim to limit plugins usage. This would also need work on the Sweaver side.

Now let’s think about the hard work. Indeed what will make the user only modify a page of the site and not all pages has to be defined. I think the best way to deal with this situation is to add a context column to the DB. It would get the value of modifiable paths and would restrain impact of Sweaver to only wanted pages. This would impact which css to load on a page. Then we will also have a priority problem. But it could be fixed easily by saying that the more precise the context is, the more priority it gets (cascade of styles…).

To do list:

  • Add a new set of permissions to OG
    • function hook_og_permission_alter(&$perms)
  • Modify how Sweaver knows when to use the editor
    • function sweaver_show_editor($cache = TRUE, $plugins = TRUE)
    • Alter function og_ui_menu() and add a form to define what part of the site is modifiable
  • Limit user modifications to certain parts of the page
  • Define context
    • Add a column to DB
    • Modify function get_current_style($reset = FALSE)

Hope it helps !
If your developer needs anything please tell him to contact me.

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Whats the progress on this?

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Hum I actually started to implement features in this way but I didn't got the time to debug them well. I'll do so by the end of August.

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Any news on this?