Looking to see if integrating with Organic Groups is on the list or could make the list (possible)?

Basically when a user logs in, drupalchat would look at all the groups the user belongs to and then filter/create the Online User list based on all the members belonging to those groups.



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Here's a patch for this integration. Please review it. I also believe there was a problem that I addressed with User Relationship integration. Great module!

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is this patch working? I didn't have time to test it- yet..

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I tried it and it seems to works! thanks it's a usefull patch!

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Thanks a lot! I will commit it in 6.x-2.x-dev.

@all - Btw, I had a query. Why are you not using 6.x-2.x?


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I got this to work against DrupalChat 7.x-1.0-beta10 and Organic Groups 7x-1.5. I had to modify the query to work with the new Organic Groups structure. Seems to work pretty good though. Also, I created the diff against a live module folder (not against git), so please let me know if that works or if I should re-roll the patch.

Also, I pulled most of the new query code from Code Karate: Drupal 7 getting all members of an Organic Group. However, I think I missed the user->status check. That shouldn't be important right? Because only logged in users will be shown…?

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thirdender: I didn't have success to reproduce your patch on tag 7.x-1.0-beta10 and also on current branch 7.x-1.x(tag: 7.x-1.0-beta15)


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thirdender, thank you for providing this patch, will review it and try to include it in current branch.

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edutrul, please feel free to submit a patch if you are working on this, thanks! :)

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Is this patch working in the 7.x-1.4? Thanks

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