I was wondering if there are any plans to create a jQuery UI handbook page with installation instructions? I know your README.txt file covers it pretty well, but I have had a couple users of my module, Arrange Fields (http://drupal.org/project/arrange_fields), get confused with the installation of your module. I thought maybe a handbook page might be more accessible. The detail they seem to get tripped up with the most is which version of the plugin to install.

If you don't want to create a page yourself, would it be okay if I tried to create one for jQuery UI? A user suggested I create a tutorial for my module, and I don't mind doing one for yours as well (of course you can always edit it later if you want).


PS: Thanks for the useful module!


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They might partly get tripped by the remarks on the arrange_fields project page: "You also need to install the jQuery UI plugin (and the right version of it [1.6]!)"...

For some modules and features 1.7 is required, while even that one is old school, as we now are at 1.9:

Stable (1.8.2: jQuery 1.4+)
Legacy (1.7.3: jQuery 1.3+)

they're working on 1.9 with "milestones" (beta releases?)


article: http://blog.jqueryui.com/2010/06/jquery-ui-19m2-menu/

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I know there are higher versions of the jquery plugin available, but this module (jquery UI) says to install version 1.6 in it's README.txt. Though, I know that you can install a higher version, after first updating Drupal's jquery (which my users who have had trouble had not done).

I have encountered a few users who simply install the latest jquery ui plugin: 1.8 or 1.9, which doesn't work out-of-the-box with the jQuery UI module.

-- unless, of course, I totally misunderstand the situation. See why I think there should be a handbook page? ;)