I am building a site where users can publicly create content profiles/nodes for businesses, like Music Venues. I use content profile because of it's brilliant separation from the typical node and the behavior that it provides.

Right now, all authenticated users can edit a Venue content type (profile).

At some point in the future, however, I'd like to start offering for the Venues to take over their own profiles and start controlling their public image. In order to do this, I'm assuming that they will need to be specifically assigned an account that is tied to a venue profile. So you see the issue-- how do I do that? How do I assign an existing content profile specifically to a user- and make it no longer editable by the public?


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I have a similar use case: I want to keep an addressbook of users and non-users as profile nodes. Some of the non-users might become users later, so I would need to assign their user profile to a user accout....

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Unless I'm mistaken, it's ownership that defines which profile is yours. Try making the user in question the "author" of the profile you want them to have.

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I am interested in this also.
I want to be able to create nodes of a content profile-designated content type without them being used as content profiles. I then want users of a particular role to be able to 'claim' one of the nodes as their profile. These users may have authored more than one of these nodes.

Any ideas?

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Change author?

Seems that changing the authoring information on the node in question to the desired target user works.

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Changing author might work, but makes no sense.

In most use cases I can think of, the "author" of all profiles is the same admin user.

Is the "author" really accurate for binding users and profiles?

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My use case:
List of contacts with extensive profile information.
When a new user registers.
If their profile exists and tie the user to the existing profile...

Any further ideas?

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Yes; the "author" of a user's profile should be that user, not the admin :P ! and it solves your ownership issue.

If you really want the nodes to be the "profiles" of users, you can do that programattically as well, but it's not clear from what you state.

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So... if one of my users has created 20-30 nodes of this content type. They will automatically be the author of all of these nodes, how do I create the content profile link from one particular node to a user account?
If a node is not yet linked to a user account I want there to be a "claim" function on these node types. If the user is not the author, they will be made the author, but regardless, I need this node to then become linked to their user account.

Not sure how to go about creating the link to the account.