How can I add keywords to the meta tags on my site to improve search engine performance? If I am not mistaken, I think the search engines get a lot/most of their successful searches by the page name which is great in Drupal sites for the most part as the page name displays site name | page name (and with the help of page_title.module you can add more info) but I see other sites source show that they have other meta information associated with their site to provide more keywords.

I am sure Drupal has somewhere that you can add this...I just can't find it. I am a bit surprised there isn't a field in the admin/settings to put more meta tags / keywords.


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you won't either, because this isn't core functionality of Drupal. If you want support for keywords and description you to install the nodewords module to enable both a keyword and description field for your nodes on creation.

It should also be noted that it's a well documented fact that search engines no longer use keyword metatags at all - in fact they ignore them. They do use description.

Read my how-to search engine optimization article for drupal here:

It will help you get started and get good rankings.

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JT6919 is right - Don't stress over the Keyword META.

I might also add that the META descriptions tag is only used (by Google at least) to afford you an alternative way of controlling what appears in the snippet Google uses in the result pages (SERPS), it doesn't affect rankings, but it might - if worded correctly - increase click-thru's because you can make your message more appealing (than Google would otherwise do).

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so how can I put META tags in to HELP Google searches. I've done all the steps in the document on SEO but my rank hasn't improved. It's a new site so maybe things just haven't kicked in yet (reindexed). The site I want to optimize is and the main search word I want to be improved in the search engines is "hockey tape"

Any tips are appreciated.

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Optimizing search for - A custom 10 Step Guide

I believe meta (keyword) tags are useless. Some may disagree, but you'll find at search engine watch they have articles about the death of the meta tag (for keywords). I know for a fact that the meta description tag works great, because underneath your title (in google) this is what is used for the description that the reader sees. Also, in combination with your URL title, HTML title, and Header text title will make you come up better in search. If you want to add a meta description (or if you're still stuck on the meta keywords) - the module you want to install is nodewords.

Now - I will you some advice for your particular situation. You said your web site is and they keywords you want to come up for in search are specifically "hockey tape".

First your HTML title is "BladeTape - The Next Generation of Hockey Tape - Blade Tape - The Next Generation of Hockey Tape". You are using keywords twice - which makes them less effective. I would modify your HTML title to use the keywords only once, and use the ones that are most important first: "Hockey Tape - the Next Generation is Blade Tape". Also, all of your web pages start with the same phrase "Blade Tape - The Next Generation of Hockey Tape" and then the name of the page. You want each and every page to have a distinctly different title for the SE's, especially if they show up beside one another in the SERP's.

Second, none of your images have any alt tags for alternative text except your header logos - and their alt tag is "Home". This is another opportunity to add in a (differently phrased) description.

Third, you breadcrumbs (which is great), but your first phrase on the page is "BladeTape is a revolutionary new patented replacement for your traditional cloth hockey tape." and the two words you have in bold are BladeTape and patented. This may be good visually - but your main keyword for the search engine is "hockey tape". I would instead bold the entire phrase "replacement for your traditional cloth hockey tape". I would put that phrase in italics too. In fact, I would put that entire sentence in an h1 header tag as well. When you emphasize things, the search engine knows that they are important. In a web page, you put the text in the order of (keyword) importance as well as what you want the customer to see.

Fourth, emphasize your keywords each and every time. On your home page you seem to use them twice. Once I mentioned above, and the second time you use it in the middle of the page in the phrase "isn't it time for hockey tape to evolve with
this movement too?". You should either move the keywords somewhere else on the page, or improve that phrase with something like "Hockey Tape has gone high tech with Blade Tape", and bold and italicize that entire phrase. Some people have a limit to how many times they will use keywords on a page, but I use them quite a bit in natural language as much as I can . It doesn't seem like you took advantage of this.

For example, take this phrase: "Many players of all ages and abilities state that BladeTape's unique patented formulation offers the following specific benefits:" and replace it with "Many players of all ages and abilities state that BladeTape's unique patented formulation makes it better than traditional hockey tape because it offers the following specific benefits:"

Fifth, take advantage of other places you can use the keywords, like in your URL path. Take your testimonial page for example, it has the URL Either change it's URL path (or add an alias) called something like Then change your breadcrumb for that page to "hockey tape testimonials". Then at the top of the page add an H1 header title italicized with

"Hockey Tape Testimonials: Why Blade Tape is Better"

Now, add a description to the page, and to in a meta description "We have received many candid testimonials telling why traditional hockey tape pales in comparison to Blade Tape. The reviews below show why, bla, bla, bla....etc".

Now you will have a great secondary page to promote with keywords and lots of content.

Sixth - google shows you only have one page indexed for your entire site:
You've got to get a sitemap properly. I see that you have setup gsitemap:, but have you actually logged into google sitemap and created an account to see if you have any errors or not? You need to, to see what the problem (indexing your site) is. Also, if you look at your sitemap at, you'll find that a lot of your pages are /node/39, etc., and you need to edit them and add some descriptive URL path's to those as well, in addition to your main pages.

Seventh - google shows that absolutely no pages at all are linking to you:
That's why your page rank is zero. You will NEVER (and I repeat - NEVER) get anywhere at all in the search results with a page rank of zero. And with nobody linking to you - you will NEVER increase your page rank (NEVER!).

So - you must put in the time and do some work. How do you get links back to your site (reciprocal links, back links, or link exchange)? There are several ways....

- you could just email sites and ask to exchange links
- you can just flat out pay for links of high page rank sites ( has some one for a reasonable price)
- you can link to your site from other sites you have, or even myspace, a site, a blog, whatever you have
- find and use link exchange services (many are free), search google for "link exchange service", "reciprocal links exchange", or "backlinks" and do some research
- create your own backlinks by posting to hockey forums and linking back to your site in the post or your signature line. I just created backlinks to your site by including your URL in this post! So be sure to add your URL and some keywords to your signature, and add some backlinks to your site every time you post here as well!

Eighth - the best way to gain PR and popularity is to keep generating content rich with keywords. Create a section for hockey news or something, and post stories each and every day in different categories you create. Make sure you have a technorati account to track your popularity and links from other sites.

Ninth - pay for promotion, whether banner ads on hockey relates sites, paid links back to your site, paid listings in Yahoo!, or even setup an adwords account at google and pay for clicks for the keywords "hockey tape" leading back to your site.

Tenth (and last) - be sure to setup some statistics for your site, see if your host has "AW Stats" available, because it generates all keywords ever used to find your site from all search engines- much better than Google Analytics.

That's it!! Just keep at it constantly and your site and search engine traffic will grow and grow, but it's constant work!

If you like this information and it helped you - I have many other posts with search optimization tips at my new site I hope this helped!

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@jt6919 - Thanks for that, it is some really good reading! Good tips! It's nice to see that some people in this community is willing to take time and analyse and post a good response rather than a one-liner.
...Wonder what ever happened to mdowsett

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I wouldn't suggest purchasing your backfollow links.

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mdowsett is still here! (see Post #6).

that project that the advice was written for got terminated. the site owner didn't like Drupal (he never understood it) and pulled the plug and had the site redone.

I was thankful for that article tho as it has helped me with numerous other Drupal sites I've done. Great insight!

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These tips are very helpful. I have been able to push my site to #1 on google local for "web design san francisco" using these kinds of techniques.

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Thanks for the info. Even though it was written back in 2006, the info still seems very relevent.

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Very useful tips as I begin to develop a new site and can begin to use this information for older sites like . Thanks for the info!

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Thanks for the great info here and hopefully i can get a good amount of organic traffic for my site too :)

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