Convio Drupal Module - Meeting Notes
July 12, 2010


Ashok Modi -
Rain Breaw -
Alan Doucette -
Chris Luther -
Kevin Suer -
Michael Pih -

Chris: Demonstrated his Drupa_API module - built on the assumption that Convio DB is master. Provides Autosync and Admin interface and Admin Accessible Connection/Response Testing tools. Explained that is provides a set of programmer accessible apis, but nothing Drupal Admin User available. Suggests that many Convio features can be exposed and provided as separate related modules.

Ashok: Discussed his Convio API module. Split raw API module content from user management. Assumes that user site is on convio owned domain... site-id
The separate Convio_User_Module handles client login. If they are attempting to login, first check to see if they exist in Convio db, if they don't create a new user, if they weren't a convio user but drupal user, allow. Future registrations were pushed to the convio site, handled there, and then back to Drupal.

Alan: Discussed his Convio API module - flexible to support custom domain names - thinks that there should be core API module and multiple smaller modules providing deployment options.

Mike Pih (Kevin Suer): discussed the Convio sponsored Convio module. Single module with classes API (generic calls), UI for configuring keys, Convio user module authentication and SSO (bi-directional) hooks within user module to automatically insert correct libraries in to pages, personalization of user, handles both server and client-side (http:get) - security built around private key. Personalized tokens for admin end-users.
Things that Kevin's module don't have:
Don't have pushing user registration to Convio.
Editing the profile.

**Good things already in one or the other of the modules and could be blended together:**

All Convio Core Server APIs (chris)
Select Convio Client Side APIs (Ashok, Mike)
Admin interface enabling entry of convio site, user and api keys (all).
Admin test interface (chris)
User registration workflow - Ashok
User personalization tokens - Chris/Mike
UI for configurable integration mapping - Chris/Mike
Bi-directional single-signon (Mike)
Pushing user registration to convio ( Ashok )
Auto syncing between Convio and Drupal - Chris
Extra security to verify that data is coming from Convio and not elsewhere (mike)
Choice of domain name (so that the site doesn't need to have a Convio URL) (Alan)

**Things yet to build out or include in final:**

Server-side and client-side should be both possible.
Having test users drupal side is important.
Other Convio features executed as related modules.

**Action Items:**

Rain will create new issue on the project page for standing meeting time.
Ashok is official maintainer for Convio_API - will direct integration of all modules features
Chris will create Convio_User project and invite others, and will act as the official maintainer.
Mike and Kevin will create new issue on the project/convio_api page and add their module and documentation

Chris is presenting at the Convio conference in late October (Oct. 25-27). He would like others to present with him, so if anyone is available, let Chris know.

We also need to think long term about both D6 and D7 support.


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Please post your standing meeting options here:

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Very happy to see activity around this. We at Firefly are excited about the possibility of being able to offer clients the ability to use Drupal as their CMS while utilizing COM for CRM, messaging and the like.

While I don't think my Drupal expertise is deep or sophisticated enough to help with much coding (I'm more of a themer than a module developer), if there's any way I can help please let me know.

Are you focusing on Drupal 5, 6 or 7? I would recommend focusing on 6, but I'd guess that most of the already-existing code you were discussing was written for 5?

Ben Byrne
Design and Development Lead
Firefly Partners

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What happened? Seems like someone broke ground but never followed up! This would be so fantastic ... I'm not yet a module developer but I have to code the kind of functionality Drywall alluded to. Is there code I can peruse?

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What is the status of this project?

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Regarding the history and status of the Convio API project, I can provide one perspective.

In the fall of 2009, my company AgileID was contracted by Convio to provide an analysis of Drupal as an integration platform. Separate of that contract I developed an initial version of the Convio API Module which I demoed to Convio execs in November 2009.

Independently, Michael Pih of Convio developed a proof of concept Convio API module. (This eventually became the Lucre Libre release). During the first quarter of 2010 I had frequent discussions with Kevin Suer and other execs at Convio regarding these development efforts. While Convio was not interested in developing Lucre Libre as an "official module", they asked that I hold off on releasing my company's work until Convio was able to formulate a customer support plan.

In March 2010 we began our first deployment project using our version of the Convio API Module. Also in March of 2010 Kevin Suer began a series of meetings between Convio solution providers and clients regarding integrating Convio with Drupal and other open-source CMS.

In June 2010 Kevin scheduled a meeting between myself and Rain Breaw of SunRain. It was at this meeting that I discovered that an official Drupal project "Convio_API" had been created by Ashok Modi of SunRain. I asked if I could become a co-maintainer of the project, and this was agreed to by Rain. We then scheduled a couple of meetings to help discuss how we could merge what was now three separate code bases into one.

I tried several times to collaborate with Ashok and Rain but was not successful. I was never provided co-maintainer access and after the first two meetings all attempts to schedule additional meetings were rebuffed.

Meanwhile my company continued to refine our Convio API module as part of our Drupal + Convio integration engagement. In October 2010 I presented on Drupal Convio integration alongside Kevin Suer and Joseph Vladic (of IFCJ) at the Convio Summit in Baltimore MD.

During this same timeframe my Drupal business took off and I found myself spending less time on Convio Drupal integration efforts. I discovered that it is much easier to sell Drupal Services than it to sell Drupal+Convio Services. As a small services firm I have to let my customer's needs drive my development efforts and by this summer I finally decided to stop investing time in developing or promoting this solution (at least until I could find a project and a willing collaborator).

Our D6 code is posted in a Drupal sandbox at . I do believe that the project has merit, and would be happy to pick up the torch again if I could find active collaborators.


Chris Luther

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Yikes, I didn't want this to end up this way. I hadn't received any additional contact after our meeting (issue queue or otherwise). I only now saw the message in the queue from June 16 left by you for which I would like to apologize. I thought I had provided you with access to the project along with the others who had expressed interest in the project but I now see I had not. At this stage, It probably doesn't mean much but I am granting you access to the project since you are continuing development on it.