With i18ntaxonomy enabled, you get a PHP error in the latest release when using hs_taxonomy - it's a really minor thing, but pretty critical:

  // Line 282 && 315
  $vid = $vocabulary->$vid;

should become:

  $vid = $vocabulary->vid;
#1 empty_property.patch927 bytesswentel
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927 bytes

With patch ..

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Title: Cannot access empty property » Error when using hs_taxonomy+i18n: cannot access empty property (introduced in 3.2)
Status: Needs review » Fixed

UGH. Boy, do I hate the i18n module. Still a major source of Drupal suckage. If it were built better, I wouldn't have to be frustrated by duplicating code that shouldn't exist in the first place.



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Version: 6.x-3.2 » 6.x-3.3
Status: Fixed » Needs work

Hi Wim,

I'm still getting "Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /sites/default/modules/hierarchical_select/modules/hs_taxonomy.module on line 282" in 3.3 and had to go back to 3.1 so we can edit nodes.

* using hs_taxonomy+i18n (6.x-1.3)
* Pressflow 6.16

I can provide more detail, and you're probably going to ask me to update i18n first?

Thank you,


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@Quevin_LLC: I pinged swentel to reply.

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Haven't downloaded the 3.3 version, applied the patch myself and didn't have that problem any more. @Quevin_LLC, can you look at line 282 and 315 and see what it looks like ? If you still see


than your upgrade somehow failed. I'll do the upgrade on monday to see what happens, but I do think the upgrade simply failed.

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Status: Needs work » Closed (works as designed)

Closing due to lack of response.