All my user accounts at least have the role "member". To allow an account to edit themselves I would have to give them the "Administer Users" permission as well as the "edit users with role member" permission. This however would allow every member account to edit every other member account.

Has anyone run into this, is there a work around I am missing?


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It seems to work for me. The module allows users to edit their own accounts, regardless of the role assignments. It rightly doesn't allow them to delete themselves.

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I have the same problem, i have users with role "administrator" that can't edit themselves...

Are you using "me" aliases and "uprofile"? I have them, it could be the problem.

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I fixed this a while back, not sure how. I was using "me" alias, but I am not anymore.’s picture

I also have the problem. And I have the "me" module installed. When I go to "user/me/edit" it redirects to "user/0", and it displays that I'm not authorized to access that page. This doesn't happen, when I disable the Administer Users by Role module

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Since this issue has to do with the "me aliases" module, I'm marking it duplicate of #926976: not compatible with me aliases module.