We are seeing some unreadable special characters sprinkled in the body area in body_revisions table. It comes up as a question mark in the page, and looks like this in the data: �

It's only in about 30 pages (of many hundred), but was trying to get to the root of it. I have been doing some data export/imports direct via phpMyAdmin as we relaunch our site. Maybe some sort of packet error/corruption during the upload?

I don't think its on posts from our drupal site, or TinyMCE - but its so erratic its hard to tell. Curious if anyone with more mySQL knowledge had seen this before.



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Most likely you imported/exported your data with the wrong encoding. Drupal uses UTF-8 everywhere.

If you have a problem, please search before posting a question.

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Seems like that would cause a more consistent error. I was transferring data from our live site -> a dev site, and did touch the .sql files inbetween using wordpad just to break them so I could import them at 2mb.

I just cleaned these up by hand in 32 records - some had one or two '?', some had a dozen. Usually at the end of sentences - although a few mid-word too.

Will use mysqldump in the future, watch the encoding, and reload the files server side via SSH. I bet that would have been cleaner.

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I noticed this on my site, when I moved to a new server, particularly with accented characters and em-dashes. It might have been the result of an import from one version of MySQL (4.0.27) to another (4.1.20).

Or what Steven said? :)

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