I have exported a taxonomy tree to CSV format using Taxonomy Manager, and would like to import it into another site. Is there a feature in this module, or another compatible module, that can handle the import procedure?

Noah Lively


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Same question here. It's really nice to be able to export the taxonomy but that would be much more useful if you could import it again :)

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See taxonomy_csv module. But be warned : importing taxonomy trees is hell !

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Taxonomy CSV is good but complicated, too many options to handle simple import of Taxonomy Manager export.
I suggest:
- Export can enable/disable vid and tid (only export term name)
- Import from exported taxonomy

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I've successfully imported into Drupal 7 Vocabulary using the Feeds module by following this step-by-step tutorial. Merging did not go so smoothly so watch out for duplicates having new IDs. Feeds lets you specify column mapping from your csv header row to your taxonomy fields.