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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:32

Release notes


New features...

  • #767718 added new class attributes to each data column in the node view
  • #712404 added Views argument handler for publication types
  • #722790 added Translation into Norwegian (bokmål) by gisle
  • #89038 added "Token" for citekey
  • #660846 added David Lesieur's Edit publication type names patch

Bugs Fixed...

  • #443266 updated German translation by Niels Hackius
  • #773258 "wrong" taxonomy term added to keyword list
  • #769806 keywords cannot be removed from entries
  • #759972 no keywords
  • #736958 Biblio field group title on user page despite nothing to show
  • #2724616 Incompatible with node_clone?
  • #748900 How to let only authenticated users see the 'My Biblio' menu item?
  • #288957 RIS parser handles BT tag incorrect for types other than BOOK
  • #734682 Theming error - $base not supplied
  • APA Style: fixed name-part ordering for first author
  • #719706 MLA Style: Book Chapters and missing quotation marks
  • #699092 fixed biblio_admin_get_styles() includes temporary files (*.inc~)
  • #697680 fixed Authors sorted randomly
  • updated German translation ( by Niels Hackius
  • #575676 Biblio items mangle taxonomy term title
  • fixed db errors when upgrading from 5.x
  • #691574 biblio_delete needs to require
  • #683868 Biblio Access restricts access to node if you have "User may edit his own node"
  • #689320 'Not unique table/alias' in RSS feed
  • #502562 "CrossRef OpenURL Account ID" descriptive text on user profile page enhanced to avoid confusion between different types of CrossRef accounts
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