The Masquerade module currently does allow for testing site functionality for guest users by entering "Anonymous" in the masquerade block as the user to masquerade as, but it does not allow for creating "Quick Switch" links, as the module admin form complains "Anonymous does not exist. Please enter a valid username." on any attempt to do so.

Another related quirk is that masquerading as "Anonymous" is case sensitive ("anonymous" is not recognized as valid), but masquerading as an existing account is not (entering the name "tEsT uSeR" will successfully masquerade as user "Test User").


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In the description it states the module does not allow quick switch for guest to anonymous. But what about quick switching from existing user to anonymous? Apologies if this has been answered.

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My description was worded poorly. Sorry about that.

I have Masquerade configured to only allow admins to switch users at all. I can switch from admin to Anonymous for the purpose of testing how the site functions for guest users, but only by manually entering "Anonymous" into the Masquerade block.

My issue/feature request is that I have attempted to set up a "Quick Switch" link for Anonymous, so that admins can more easily masquerade as guest users, but the module's admin interface refuses to allow the creation of such a link, claiming that Anonymous is not a valid user to masquerade as.

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Hello, just wanted to say that I was about to post the same question/request.

it is possible to masquerade as Anonymous but only by typing it on the masquerade block. Would be awesome if we could set a quick switch to it. It is my most common masquerade option.


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I bypass the Masquerade module for this and use the Firefox extension "Steathier". With a click, it stops sending session values effectively allowing you to pose as anonymous. Another click and you're back to where you were.

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Version: 6.x-1.3 » 6.x-1.x-dev

Patches are welcome

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Anonymous masquerading is getting phased out of newer releases.