Perhaps I just need a clarification on this ... the description of this module claims the feature: Dynamically add more choices button.

I wanted a feature that those taking the survey could add new choices which could then be voted on by subsequent or returning voters. This was for more of an exploratory survey, for example, what should we the website administrators be considering for the future direction of the website.

I'm assuming that's not what was meant in the documentation for 6x.1x-dev with the statement "Dynamically add more choices button"?


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Yes, you are right add more choices is only allowed when you edit poll.

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thx for getting back. i noticed in other modules that the feature i need is called a write-in candidate. perhaps you can keep this thread as a request for that new feature?

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Thanks for pointing out the unclear text on the module project page. I changed it a little bit and am marking this as fixed, since the functionality that you described is probably outside the scope of this module for now.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Title: Dynamically add more choices button » Write-In Candidate - Dynamically add more choices button


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I'll reopen this one for now, but I don't see developing this functionality into the module any time in the next few months. The priority right now is eliminating some of the serious bugs, and then rolling out a D7 version.

I would absolutely consider some contributed code though.

Right now, the "Add more choices" button right now is only available on a node edit. I think you're requesting that visitors be able to add their own choices on a node view. Then people would be able to use this new choice in voting. I am unclear because giorgio79, it looks like you just left a +1 comment, and changed the issue title. Not sure if you modified the issue text as well.

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Thanks Bryan for responding. I just thought I make the title clearer for those searching for write in candidate votings.

Only the op can modify the issue text as I understand, but I had in mind exactly what you say

"visitors be able to add their own choices on a node view. Then people would be able to use this new choice in voting"

Although at the moment showing an email link where users can send in their questions to be added is just as fine.

Adding their own would invite moderation and lots of stuff that can quickly get nasty for the effor required to implement it.