This is a well-documented bug: The fix is also included down at the bottom.

uc_reports.module needs to be updated with this fix (should remove the no-cache header or headers.). This is around Line 258 of uc_reports.module



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Sigh, I hate IE. So to summarize the Microsoft issue, IE is incapable of piping data to a helper application like Office, so it must save the data to disk first then tell Office to open that data. But IE will refuse to write it to disk if you've told it not to "cache" the data, since that would be violating the no-cache directive. That means there's no way to download dynamic data over HTTPS if you're using IE - all data has to be cache-able in order for IE to open it.

That's unacceptable for things like Ubercart file downloads, if we need to control how many times a file is downloaded. Caching reports isn't so much of a problem. I think we can fix this throughout Ubercart by removing the cache control headers and then fooling IE by appending a dynamic URL argument like "?time()" which will make each and every download link unique and therefore IE will never find the data in its cache. I'm going to have to test this on file downloads first before I add this to Ubercart - don't want to break those ...

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Hey TR - yeah not too many fans of IE over here either :-) It's reasonable to expect that M$'s own browser would be able to pipe data over to their spreadsheet software, but clearly our expectations are set too high here... ;-)

Your summary is absolutely correct - which means that currently the "Export to CSV" link at the bottom of the UberCart Sales & Product Reports generates the errors listed in the Knowledgebase article above. I hadn't thought about file downloads though - yikes. More than happy to install/test patches and report back etc.

many thanks


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Patch attached to fix this for CSV report downloads, and that also corrects a minor spelling mistake in the same function. The same patch file can also be applied to the 5.x branch.

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Thanks. Committed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.