Domain theme replaces current $conf variables with domain specific ones.

So when zen_theme_get_default_settings is called when getting theme settings it saves the domain specific settings into the main theme settings.

The effect of that makes the main theme have domain specific settings to the last time a domain specific form was Viewed (not submitted!) (if the theme has domain specific settings when viewing form).

How about an additional param to zen_theme_get_default_settings to indicate not to save or advice on how to do theme specific settings for zen sub themes without zen_theme_get_default_settings being called?


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ack. I'm really glad I fixed this in D7. The current d6 state for theme settings is atrocious.

Considering I work with Ken Rickard, I'd better categorize this as a bug, or he might kick my ass. ;-)

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Any fix for this? Is there a quick hack I can do to make this work? I already built a theme using zen and domain theme switcher is required for this project.

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Comment out the variable set in zen (forget which file). May have issues of it updating information when added to the .info file after that, but haven't tested that. (Assuming zen/zen subtheme already enabled).

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Title: Issue with domain theme due to variable set in zen_theme_get_default_settings » Conflict with domain theme module
Component: Miscellaneous » PHP Code
Status: Active » Fixed

I've added a !module_exists('domain_theme') to zen_theme_get_default_settings(). It may cause some other errors domain_theme users, but it can't be worse then existing bug.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.