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SHA-1: 3f70e817c6f4f72de30a5b2df6384f48150b2307
SHA-256: ea4d5b0ea580536593a750addbcf66837c145cd40c6ab259f357489d62cad08f
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Release info

Created by: fago
Created on: 11 Mar 2010 at 19:36 UTC
Last updated: 22 Mar 2010 at 13:02 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Entity CRUD API changes since ALPHA 3:
* overhauled the entity CRUD API to be a full module dependency, thus using it without introducing the dependency isn't possible any more. That way we are able to roll out updates much easier and to provide multiple EntityDB base classes, one being extendable via faces and one not.
* added entity_(create|delete|save) API functions and a test for them
* fixed API docs as full CRUD is also possible with usual functions leveraging the controller
* updated
* applied the changes from #731426 to the controller, making it work with HEAD again.
* fixed default entities to not be added in when all ids were served from cache
* fixed deletion by names
* moved the full CRUD implementation to the controller, so it can be easily swapped out and improved saving and deletion to make use of transactions and to properly support db replication

Due to recent changes to the Entity Controller in Drupal 7.x you need drupal 7.x ALPHA 3 or later.

Entity Metadata changes since ALPHA 3:
* #716060 Provide tokens for entity properties that don't have tokens yet. Thus this adds tokens for single-valued fields.
* #706620 Clear the cache after adding or changing fields
* fixed caching entity property info to be per language as implemented first in #503550 and added a cache clear function
* improved the provided iterator so one can use them to iterate over child wrappers.
* fixed the order of the access callback arguments to make more sense
* fixed wrapping lists without a specified item type


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