People do not understand where the admin_menu project is coming from and why we are adding new features that might have nothing to do with admin_menu.module itself.

One prominent example is the admin_views.module that ships with this package. Yet, there are more features in the pipeline.

Right, the "admin" namespace and project name would be much more suitable for what we are doing here. But at the time this project started, the "admin" namespace threw a 403 and could not be registered as project. Truth is, if I could, then I would take over the Admin project, but I fear that won't be possible as friends at DevSeed managed to register that project to put some weird admin-theme-as-module hack in there (which probably doesn't need a module in D7) - don't take this as insult, but as visible in admin_menu, there's a lot more pressing need for tweaking Drupal's administrative UX, regardless of theme ;)


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If you are considering a name change to broaden the scope of the project (since as you said, there are more features in the pipeline that extend this module beyond just the actual "admin_menu" piece), then here's a few suggestions:

admin_tools, admin_cp (control panel), admin_ui, admin_manager, admin_helper, admin_extender, admin_viagra (j/k)

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admin is a module.
admin_tools is a module extension for admin module above.

these two are good known modules that can be used in conjunction with admin_menu. if it was possible, it would advise some sort of cooperation or merger with them.

admintools is a rip of a name, that has not much to do with admin interface, but instead, manages multiple site's crons. so it's yet another multisite manager... :S

administration is obsolete. no longer produced or maintained. it's functionality is in core.

see more names that have been taken here -