This is the plan to create a roadmap for the 6.x-2.x with the ultimate goal of a stable release at some point.

Do not comment here about bugs, features you want, use the linked issues instead or create a new one if there isn't one yet.

(List comes in the comment)


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Component: Documentation » Miscellaneous

Basic plan:
- I will add a list of issues/features below which will hopefully be part of 6.x-2.0, no guarantees are made however
- Once the big features have been commited/added, a first alpha release will be published to encourage users to test all the new stuff.
- That will be followed by more alpha, beta and rc versions until it is stable enough to be released as 2.0
- As said, the big features are supposed to be added *before* the first alpha release, however, smaller additions might still be added later. As soon as we reach beta, the api can be considered stable, only changes to UI and so on are allowed.
- There can be exceptions to the above rules, for example, if an api change is necessary to fix a bug.

The following lists all issues/ideas I plan to adress with the 2.x release.
- #614858: add new message order
- - #555016: Planning for sending messages to roles.
- - - #612664: Private Message Organic Group
- #660092: Use tag for inbox handling
- - #502664: remove duplicate records from pm_index and add primary key
- - - #647212: Load participants in thread list in a single but separate query
- #720038: Mollom integration
- #1017500: Only add the unique identifier for users added through the URL if necessary
- #1089290: API for privatemsg related user level settings
- #967164: E-mails not sent if message was sent to role members

Possible features:
A list of things that might be added if someone works on it (or I find/interest time to do so)
- #502688: Views integration
- #424344: Ajaxify?
- #561036: Conflicting URL scheme
- #706098: User Avatars in tread lists and autocomplete
- #445020: Minor visual enhancements to read/write tab

I plan to add more of the following modules to the main branch, but this depends on the state of them and the interest in them (and therefore, get tests and reviews)
- #668544: Privatemsg To: Realname support
- #563424: To: dropdown
- #490264: New sub-module: Site-wide contact form
- #69856: Message limits
- #548188: add/remove somebody to/from discussion (Privatemsg forwarding)

This list is not yet complete, more might be added to it (for now).

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subscribing to know progress, thanks.

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subscribing to keep track of progress to 2.x branch

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subscribing to keep track of progress to 2.x branch

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This roadmap looks pretty good

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I like private msgs. because it is a one on one interaction, that mimicks the human spirit. It would be really great if the fields were customizable. for example: Question: {text field}Would you like to have lunch with: {checkbox}1.David 2. Bill 3. Frank 4. Barbra 5. nonone on {pulldown} a. Friday b. Monday. c.No ->SendReply[posting all answers and Questions back to original sender] then having the option of storing the info in a csv, text file,db or the orginal sender sends another response.......

The ability to manipulate the fields and post all messages back and forth for history retrieval is just a thought.

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6.x2.x-dev appears to be missing from CVS and Drupal website download? Where shall we find these files? Thanks!

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6.x-2.x-dev is the MAIN branch in CVS and is displayed as a development release on

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I was not able to get anything out of "MAIN" in cvs, but *was* able to get it out of HEAD...

Thanks for reply, though

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Category: task » support

I would like option to modify unsent (not dispatched) messages (with modification time).

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Category: support » task

That's certainly not the right way to get that. Also, there is an issue about that already.

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Look at the main project page... The red links at the bottom below the recommended versions. Those are dev (Development releases).

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How close is 2.x to being ready?

I am asking as I have realised that going from 6.x-1.x to 7.x-1,x does not work properly (no pm_disable table, the uid column in pm_index seems to have been renamed to recipient and there is no type column are the things that I have noticed on the half-upgrade test site that I was working in), so as an interism step there would be need to go to a 6.x-2.x release, which may not be obvious to all users without a stable release.

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That's a good question. I'm aware that there is no upgrade path form 6.x-1.x to 7.x-1x right now. I'll probably decide within the next few days if I will release 6.x-2.x together with 7.x-1.x, that would make the upgrade path easier, but I'm not sure, 2.x-dev doesn't really feel ready yet.

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Component: Miscellaneous » Documentation

First, let me apologize for being a Drupal noob, and asking a question that is likely obvious to most.... And/or posting this in the wrong spot if I did.

I am in process of creating a new site, and using the PrivateMsg module in it.... Originally I installed the 6.x-1.3 version... I am now trying to 'upgrade' to the 6.x-2.x-dev version.... I cannot seem to find any sort of documentation on how to do this properly... As such I just went ahead and uploaded the new files, overiting the old files.

I now get a couple errors on every page...

user warning: Table 'way1033901350206.pm_disable' doesn't exist query: SELECT 1 FROM pm_disable WHERE uid = 1 in {CUT}/sites/all/modules/privatemsg/privatemsg.module on line 404.

user warning: Unknown column 'pmi.recipient' in 'where clause' query: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT thread_id) as unread_count FROM pm_index pmi WHERE (pmi.deleted = 0) AND (pmi.is_new = 1) AND (pmi.recipient = 1 AND pmi.type IN ('user', 'hidden')) in {CUT}/sites/all/modules/privatemsg/privatemsg.module on line 798.

So I guess I did it wrong! ... Could someone tell me the proper way to make this upgrade? Or point me towards some documentation that covers such things?

Thanks a ton in advance!

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Run update.php. See also

And again: Do not comment here about bugs, features you want, use the linked issues instead or create a new one if there isn't one yet.

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Where-> PrivateMsg in Admin::SiteConfiguration::Email Notify

Issue-> Variable !author replaces !author_uid with {username}_uid.

Probable cause -> !author is in !author_uid, when replace string is found.

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this is not the correct place to report bugs, please open a separate issue!

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Version: » 6.x-2.x-dev
Component: Miscellaneous » Documentation

For those who can't find 6.x-2.x:
If you scroll to the bottom of a module page, you can click on View All Releases to see all releases. Regarding privatemsg, this is where 6.x-2.x is hiding. Here's a direct link:

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subscribe (and thanks for this great module !)

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When is the 2.x branch expected to be stable?
I'am currently looking to use privatemsg for a site and need the "disable private msg" feature from 2.x, but cannot use dev versions for the site.

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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

This issue is being closed because it is against a branch for a version of Drupal that is no longer supported.
If you feel that this issue is still valid, feel free to re-open and update it (and any possible patch) to work with the 7.x-1.x branch (bug fixes only) or the 7.x-2.x branch.
Thank you.