In Germany we have different Tax-rates for different product-classes.
e.g. 16% for computers and 7% for books and food and 0%
tax-rates in 4.7 are just calculated by country, not per product
( you can't choose a tax-value when creating a product )

Probelm 2 is:
due to government-limitations all prices shown in a onlineshop
have to be with Tax. Product-Prices in 4.7 are w/o tax.


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Title: Taxes for Europe » International Taxes
Component: tax.module » tax
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As described here there's more to it.

If someone likes to work on that issue, please leave me message, so we can join forces.

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Component: tax » flexicharge
Status: Active » Fixed

use flexicharge and ec_regions

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)