If the title of a tab begins with an accented character the class name it produces begins with a dash which causes an XHTML validation error.
Example : the title "À l'intérieur" generates class="--l-039-int-rieur"

With the attached patch, this same title gives class="a-l-039-interieur" which passes validation.

#2 tabs.module.patch1.67 KBPomliane
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Title: Tab title beginning with an accented character causes an XHTM validation error » Tab title beginning with an accented character causes an XHTML validation error
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Oops. Here is the patch...

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

I'd prefer to avoid introducing a lot of complexity into tabs.

The token module IIRC includes good handling of this issue. Maybe we can use token if it's present?

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There is a similar issue that i have just moved from the panels_tabs queue when titles start with a hyphen, it makes the html id fail validation

#431794: HTML validation errors when title starts with a hyphen