Chatroom enables site administrators to create chatrooms that users can join and talk to each other in real time.

In 8.x, chatrooms are entities, which means they integrate with Views and other entity specific features.

In 7.x, the module provides a chatroom field type that you can add to your content types. Each node that has this field will function as a separate chat room.

The module relies on Node.js integration. In order to use it, you will need to set up a Node.js application on your server.


  • Install Node.js integration module. See its documentation on how to set up Node.js on your server. Review Node.js module's configuration and ensure that Node.js is loaded on each page that has a chatroom.
  • Install and enable this module.
  • Add the Chatroom field to a content type. (7.x only)
  • Create a new node of this content type (in 7.x) or a new chatroom entity (8.x), and configure the chatroom on the edit page.
  • Visit the newly created chatroom to start chatting.

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