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MD5: dacd5e73d25b76fcbccd0d3226a3151f
SHA-1: 94289d5b416a0dcdd2d0e910509c0c761eded407
SHA-256: a9bed8ba8522422127210027c310f3eca5206d5761b781c0e0e662fba9b4e350
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Release info

Created by: Jorrit
Created on: 31 Jan 2010 at 15:02 UTC
Last updated: 31 Jan 2010 at 15:05 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

FCKeditor for Drupal 6 - version 2


This release is for FCKeditor, not for CKEditor. Please see the CKEditor project page.

Backup your database and files before updating.


  • Overhauled Javascript
  • Support for file browsers: built-in file browser, IMCE, Image Assist 1 & 2, Web File Manager
  • Include/exclude areas based on node type
  • Include/exclude paths support wild cards

Fixed issues since version 1

#380134: Not compatible with JSMin?
#379088: Add support for webfm
#370019: fckeditor.config.js in theme path not recognized in admin
#365121: Img Assist button pops up blank window with JS errors
#389186: IMCE showup improperly when a index.html is existed.
#363514: CSS files in parent theme are incorrectly included in the editor area
#372150: break tag shows up in empty Body field after saving
#330286: Making it easier to edit the style drop down
#374386: if processEntities = false, fckeditor insert into empty drupal extarea this: <p>&#160;</p>
#371653: Remove t() from schema descriptions
#369093: FCKeditor alters user's data! AJAX callback - XSS filter should not be called if no security filter is selected
#295937: Drupal <!--break--> forces new paragraph
#406442: Error message when configuring FCK editor has an error
#417652: integration with Linktocontent-6.x.2.x [ FCKeditor version by wwalc ]
#445878: Add a "fckActiveId" variable for the active editor
#289205: IMCE integration issue (url@txtUrl/txtLnkUrl)
#461234: Add notice that both profile and global profile rules apply
#530184: Add notice about importance of fckeditor_php*.php files to README.txt
#366431: Don't process textareas with #access = false
#409038: %u wild card does not work in private folders
#338923: Improve description of security setting
#293976: Add parameters to clear static variables in functions
#355298: swiching from fckeditor to plain text editor, text disappears
#538194: Support Image Assist 2.0
#336644: conflict fckeditor with ajax forms module results to empty message
#536776: SECURITY: file manager should refuse to work with fckeditor library older than
#488090: Custom upload path not working when using private folders and tokens
#541126: Support CVS versions of img_assist
#410398: Smiley not in DrupalFull toolbar
#488090: Custom upload path not working when using private folders and tokens
#355298: swiching from fckeditor to plain text editor, text disappears
#539122: Support %n token in private folder
#548580: warning message related to stylesheets in fckeditor.module
#358999: Width definition not operative (FCKeditor in a popup)
#338923: Improve description of security setting
#537296: safari issues
#571892: textarea only half the size until I hover the toolbar
#591502: FCKeditor's excl_regex variable is not set on install, but only when a specific FCKeditor profile is saved
#588470: fckeditor_user_delegate error after upgrading to php 5.3
#585394: drupalbreak russian translation problem
#591456: Integration with Nodewords 6.x-1.2
#537296: safari issues
#514796: Different base styles for each textarea
#318895: FCKEditor Templates
#661884: Sometimes gets error "warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in fckeditor.module on line 1114."
#639938: COPY_HERE.txt Instructions Misleading
#620226: notice: Undefined index: excl , simple_incl in ....fckeditor\ on line 1326.
#620242: %checkfile in ...%checkfile could not be found... can not be replace by ...../fckconfig.js
#600820: webform + fckeditor
#257581: german translation for d6
#678170: Loading fckeditor.config.js from theme path won't always work


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