I've just upgraded the ACL Module from 6.x-1.0 to 6.x-1.1 on a Drupal 6.15 with MySQL 5.1.42 installation. When running "update.php", I see

acl module: 6001

within the "Select versions" fieldset. After clicking the [ Update ] button the following warning appeared:

user warning: Duplicate key name 'nid' query: ALTER TABLE acl_node ADD INDEX nid (nid) in /usr/share/drupal/includes/database.mysql-common.inc on line 434.


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Same here with the older MySQL 5.0.18.

I have superficially tested Forum Access through ACL, and it seems to work, so perhaps this warning is harmless, but it is certainly unsettling. Has anybody done any more thorough testing of ACL after this warning?

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OK, since I'm not the only one observing this problem this seems to be a bug. However, as you said, it seems to be completely harmless.

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Thank you for the quick report. The warning is harmless but irritating, and I've just released 1.2 to avoid the irritation.

If you've already installed 1.1, you won't get any benefit from 1.2, but you may want to update anyway to shut up the available update notice. Please excuse the inconvenience.

The underlying problem is that we don't have any reasonable way to check whether an index exists or not... To make sure it's there, the best we can do is to simply try to create it and suppress any warnings if it's already there.

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Thanks a lot for the quick fix! It always leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling when one notices that a module is well cared for. (:-)

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Thanks! :-)

It's a bummer when a minor convenience fix for a few who never complained (those who updated from D5 earlier on) turns into an irritation for unconcerned others (those who installed only the D6 version) and thus breaks a version.

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