If you like the module and want to motivate people working on it, just drop a line here.
It is always interesting to see whether people use the module and thats usualy motivating keeping up the work.

Thanks in advance!

#15 wysiwyg-ckeditor.txt4.03 KBgreg.1.anderson
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roxy317’s picture

I like this module! Thanks for all your hard work. Started using it today and will have clients using it before long. :)

kndr’s picture

Looks great. I like it. Thank you very much :)

tuffnatty’s picture

Version: 6.x-1.0-beta1 » 6.x-1.x-dev

Although I run in a lot of trouble with this module, it's much better than all the rest. Simple and functional. As for the bugs, it's ok for a new project, just let's fix them!

picciuto’s picture

So far the best image insert module for WYSIWYG & CK Editor!

I would like to see the ability to turn off "Title", "Text Floating" & "Size". Sometimes it's nice not to give clients the ability to screw up their own sites. I like to give my clients as little options as possible to keep things simple.

Great work!

Rosamunda’s picture

Thanks for sharing this module!

g.idema’s picture


For more than a day I've been dieing to add a comment to this issue. I like this issue just as much as I like this module. Just wanted to be sure I could get the module up and running.

That me some time, mostly because of the #706032: Neither image nor code get inserted - dsm() used int showimage handler issue, and the errors I introduced myself trying to resolve it. Please release rc3 asap, as that issue is really a show stopper for new users of this module.

For the rest, this is really the image-insertion module I've been looking for for some time.
Downside for you is, that you can expect some feature-requests from my side to make it even better ;-)

bora-89’s picture

I like this one! It works good now. Thanks a lot.

basanta86’s picture

What a great module! I tried every other image upload module that works with TinyMCE before, but none of them is really user-friendly. Yours is really on the spot, a seamless process!

Danke für die großartige Arbeit, weiter so!

alberto56’s picture

Great module, just what I needed. The other solutions are just too hard to understand for "regular" users (i.e. clients).

JimBehr’s picture

This is a great module. Thank you!

kims’s picture

Great module. Thank you.

derjochenmeyer’s picture

Great Module!

UNarmed’s picture

I have not gotten it to work yet but from the youtube video it looks like it is light-years ahead of all the other image upload modules. Simplistic and easy to use =]

EugenMayer’s picture

Priority: Critical » Normal
greg.1.anderson’s picture

Priority: Normal » Critical
4.03 KB

I just replaced imce + fckeditor with wysiwyg_imageupload + ckeditor + image_resize_filter. The usability improvements are huge! I also tried the insert module, but it didn't work very well for embedding images in wysiwg editors. (It's great for individual CCK image fields, though.)

I used the following recipe to set everything up. You'll need drush to run this script. It should run start-to-finish just fine, but you'll need to go back and read the comments and do the manual configuration steps described, because not everything is scripted. I would like to use the features module to encapsulate all of the associated settings (except for step #5), but some enhancements to that module would be required to get everything needed. I may work on that in the future; in the meantime, though, this script is unsupported, and presented for educational purposes only.

@EugenMayer: Thanks for an amazingly great module!

Edit 26 July 2010: Step 11, create a custom filter, is no longer necessary. Make sure that you have updated to Drupal 6.17 or later. I am also currently using Image Resize Filter 6.x-1.9 and WYSIWYG image upload 6.x-2.1. Under this configuration, the "HTML Filter" no longer removes the height and width attributes from images. Make sure that you put the image resize filter before the html filter, and of course you must be sure to add Only local images are allowed. to the list of tags that the HTML filter will not remove. Works great, and avoids the xss security problem in my custom filter hack. (Edit part II: The configuration above is not working currently; some problem with img paths, maybe in imagecache... still investigating)

greg.1.anderson’s picture

Priority: Critical » Normal

Fixing priority. I don't know why it went to critical, I certainly didn't try to do that... Maybe it's just because wysiwyg_imageupload is critically great?

EugenMayer’s picture


pouldenton’s picture

This is the easiest way to upload and insert an image into the node! Unfortunately, the module is still not very well known and I was looking for it for very long. Thank you for your work!

EugenMayer’s picture

help spreading it :)

pouldenton’s picture

I'm working on it :)

tenek’s picture

Category: support » feature

Finally, an insert image module that looks simple enough for the average user. I have been looking for this for a long, long time. I'm using Drupal 7 so haven't tested it yet, but it looks great!

Any plans to write a Drupal 7 version?


EugenMayer’s picture

Ah Drupal 7 version is planned, yes :)

haikubear’s picture

Finally, an image upload UI any client can expect from a site developed in 2010.

Running with WYSIWYG/TinyMCE - install worked out of the box.

Totally impressed and busily spreading the word. Thank you!

honorfield’s picture

I like this module a lot. Thanks heaps. This was missing a long time!

newmediaist’s picture

This module is a life saver - I'm sure once the last final bugs are ironed out it will become a necessity for most drupal sites!

janis_lv’s picture

I like this module! :)

yazzz.b’s picture

Great module! I think it's fantastic how this module was developed with the end-user in mind and with an emphasis on userability. More developers should really be doing the same. Bravo!

Kami Petersen’s picture

I consider this a milestone in drupal functionality! The others just don't cut it.

deepikaganju’s picture

Priority: Normal » Critical

Hey Everyone,

I need to have an easy to use text editor with simple image uploading option. I am using WYSIWYG with CKEditor. I installed IMCE and that worked nicely except that in order to upload the image, I need to go through multiple clicks of first browsing the image then sending it to the CKEditor and so on. This seems quite tedious.
So, in order to make things simple I installed WYSIWYG Image Upload with all the required dependencies. When I click on the insert image option, it opens an upload image window where i can browse and insert an image. As soon as I select the image it appears in an image detail window where I can also set the image details. But when I hit enter, instead of pasting that image on text editor space, it displays a number 39. If I double click on the number image property window shows up with the image. Then when I click ok it displays the image in the editor space. But when I preview it or save it, instead of the image this is what I get

I made sure that the input format is selected as FULL HTML. If I click on Disable rich-text the following HTML code appears in the editor space


Can anyone help me fixing this problem.


EugenMayer’s picture

Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-2.0-rc8
Priority: Critical » Normal
greg.1.anderson’s picture

@Deepika: Try following the recipe in #15, above, starting on a fresh Drupal install. If you do everything recommended there, you'll be able to expose resizable images even to users who can only access the filtered html input type. If you have a problem, though, you should put it in a new issue, not here in the "I like this module!" issue.

alberto56’s picture

@deepikaganju: you might have a better chance at getting support if you create a new issue, as this thread is reserved for praise of the module!

bkno’s picture

Love this module.

One suggestion is to remove references in the module to 'Drupal Wiki' as this feels a bit messy when using on unrelated sites. E.g. on input filters display.

that0n3guy’s picture

deepikaganju, you need to have "Drupal Wiki inline-images" filter enabled in your input filters admin/settings/filters.

This is a great module. I'm doing an install profile w/ all sorts of features and this will probably be my image uploader of choice. Good stuff!!

Urme’s picture

Quick question, after a bit of work I managed to install this module, but when I press the "image upload" button, my entire website is in the upload window... not only the "upload image" button etc. Why is that?

alberto56’s picture

@Urme you might want to consider opening a new thread for that question. This thread is reserved for positive reactions to the module.

a_c_m’s picture

another convert here! Great module, keep up the good work!

Ovocean’s picture

I've chosen this 'inline images' module after a loooong research and testing time of the various solutions.
This one's just great : intuitive, simple and nice.

The installation was quite awful though ! :q

I'm eager to see the future improvements !

Dr_Who2’s picture

This "WYSIWYG Image Upload" is a very nice approach which will fulfill all the goals as described on its main page.

I too had to struggle with the installation process but I would not even think to blame THIS AUTHOR (Eugen Mayer) for it.
Why? Because it is not his fault that Drupal did not develop a decent installation system which takes care of the dependencies and the configuration at the same time.

Also, it is not his fault, that Drupal is missing the proper core media handling tools, to start with. I feel some people just seem to forget the quality of this great achievement.

This is a great tool for the task it was build for and it does an outstanding job OOB.
So a big thank you in the first to Eugen Mayer and all the sweat and blood he put in.

Speaking non technical, this module gives each user his own userspace for picture uploads. Also, each user receives an image browser to work with. It is focused on the main task at hand, as it provides a just in time (the moment the user is writing a e.g. a comment ) aproach to include an image file within a WYSIWYG Editor -no matter which one.
Also, it does work along with Lightbox, which reduces loading time of pages from the start.

Aynthing beyond that is, for my understanding, outside its remit.

I am building currently a site for scale model builders and those people use a lot of images to make their approach visible through photos. I also searched up and down for a proper solution to help them.
This Module is at least half way there and there is no replacement module at hand, that does it so easily for the users.

Regarding the tasks I have on my list I am missing an enhanced image browser with upload possibilities, restriction of uploaded file size through pre set dimension settings (image cache could resize an upload exeeding e.g. 800x600 I guess), 90 degree rotate function if the user uploads something that needs that treatment, Subdirectory support so a user can save image files project wise. Also, the possibility to present outbound image files and to maybe include them in a lightbox style view.

As far I understood, many of those tasks can be achieved with Drupal helped through some other modules but not within this WYSIWYG Image Upload module.
If I would ask for any of those features, I would run outside the limits of this specific project.

Again, this module receives my full recommendation because it is a great tool for sites, where your users should not be distracted from their main task, that is, writing comments and articles on your site.

EugenMayer’s picture

Wow, huge review. Thank you!

For those additional functionalities, WUI implementes a submodule api which enable you to easy implement most of them using simple submodules. From cropping to "each image a node", its pretty easy. I was aware of the fact, that people will need various functions and features and meta-data arround pictures. For not bloating up the core module ( esp bug wise ) i build the submodule-API and i hope that this will help people to include those features and share them with others, while one thing is still garanteed:

You dont enable the features you dont need - you wont be affected by the bugs they include.

Thanks for the flowers of all reviewers here, keeps my motivation up!

gallamine’s picture

Amazing module! Just what I was looking for. I'm now using it on RoboBox.net.

jasonlttl’s picture

I spent a good chunk of this afternoon reviewing your image upload module. I just wanted to say nice work.

I'm coming from an imagebrowser2 setting and I see you followed the same path as they did (filters) but seem to have solved more of the associated problems more cleanly. In particular, I love how extensible things are.

In addition, sifting through the issue queue, I've found good leads for solutions to problems like disabling ckeditor's native image handling when using a filter based image tag. That will help me even if we don't switch to wysiwyg_image_upload (best candidate so far). Your work and your attentiveness to the issue queue is commendable. Thanks!

jdln’s picture

Just found this module but know ill be using it a lot.

netbear’s picture

I like the approach of this module, Thanks Eugen!

EugenMayer’s picture

Glad to hear people like the module!

oranjer’s picture

Category: feature » support

After I tried several browse & upload images modules , I can tell everyone that I love this module
It's very useful & intuitive

Thanks for your hard work Eugen

W.M.’s picture

I liked it too. I think it is one of the best around. Meanwhile, I hope that the upload path would support tokens and custom tokens (e.g. token_custom module) in future releases. I want to organize the uploaded files in directories based on nid. I will happily provide feedback (and testing results) as to any suggested patches. Alternatively, I would appreciate if the developers would give me elementary information as to what sort of modifications to the module are needed in order for it to support tokens.

All of this can already be achieved if the module uses filefield cck fields.

Sorry for posting all of this here. But my original issue here: http://drupal.org/node/964004 was closed.

szeidler’s picture

The first impression is very good. Likely, I will replace IMCE through this.

eletre’s picture

Quite difficult to install, but so easy to use!

The administrator configures the preset (with imagecache), create new styles (in admin and in css file) and the editor user has only to write, find the image and say how it should look.
He did not have to worry about anything else.


Fannon’s picture

This module looks great and VERY promising to me!

So far im using the "inline" module with Image-Cache Presets. This is nice & simple, while not always intuitive. But it helps me to have every file automatically uploaded to the proper destination (via Tokens).
Does this work with this module, too?
I'm thinking about using this module for the next Drupal site.


W.M.’s picture

Unfortunately not. I am planning to have a look at the code and attempt to patch it so it would allow the use of tokens. I agree tokens would extend this valuable tool greatly.

Fannon’s picture

This would be great!

best regards,

ichsan’s picture

Great works!!! I love it when it supports Drupal 7. When will it be released?

jasonlttl’s picture

I forgot to set permissions for the module and got what is probably the most informative error message I have ever seen. It not only told me what was wrong, but referenced the individual bullet point in the documentation. It must be a pain to update the documentation, but that's amazing attention to detail.

You did not give any role the "use wysiwyg image upload" permission, so nobody can use wysiwyg_imageupload. Please read point 8 at this howto on how to fix this.

You've done an excellent job simplifying instructions for a fairly complex set of dependencies. Fantastic work!

Cuicca’s picture


alexbk66-’s picture

Yeah, great module. I spent too much time trying to choose a simple to use image upload module. I'm glad I finally found this one.

And very detailed documentation, unusual for Drupal!

I wonder, may be to simplify installation, is it possible to create a 'feature' which will include all dependencies?

alexbk66-’s picture

Finally my site is ready and I'm glad I found this module! It really makes user experience straight forward.

Thank you Eugen!


EugenMayer’s picture

Hello people,

thanks for all the positive feedback and head-ups!
As most of you slowly but steady move to Drupal 7, i created a chipin for the port of WUI to drupal 7


help supporting the work on support by funding some of the work.


ghoti’s picture

I note the lack of ChipIn participation and relatively small number of people still using the module.

Is it safe to assume that despite its popularity in the past, this module is now well and truly dead?

What are people using instead?

greg.1.anderson’s picture

I still use WYSIWYG image upload for my Drupal 6 sites. For Drupal 7, you might want to try the media module.

EugenMayer’s picture

wysiwyg_imageupload is yet still maintained under github.

DrupalMan’s picture

Why can't I download some this module? have they been discontinued?

In the page: http://drupal.org/project/wysiwyg_imageupload there's no link to download the module...


greg.1.anderson’s picture

It appears that amid some controversy, development of this project has moved to github. It also appears that it is against policy to provide links from drupal.org to external repositories - an unfortunate turn of events. Hopefully there will be some future resolution to the code-hosting issue - on or off drupal.org - that is less confusing / more convenient for end users.

DrupalMan’s picture

Thank you for that information.

Meanwhile could point another solutions on how to upload and place images directly from a wysiwyg text editor?


greg.1.anderson’s picture

For Drupal 7, see #60, above. For Drupal 6, see #61 above.

jeremy.zerr’s picture

I just became maintainer of this module because I use it on a lot of D6 projects (sounds like many here do too). I at least would like to be able to download it again.

We should be able to restore the past branches from git since all the code was deleted and moved.

Does that sound like a reasonable solution to everybody?

greg.1.anderson’s picture

+1 for #66. It is possible, consistent with d.o policy, and beneficial to many people.

EugenMayer’s picture

removed wysiwg_imageupload from github and moved intern, so there is no confusion about "were to get the maintained code" then.

greg.1.anderson’s picture

Thank you @EugenMayer. Your hard work on wysiwyg_imageupload is greatly appreciated.

DrupalMan’s picture

Currently this is the only module that seems to satisfy my "user friendly" needs in uploading and placing images. Though i'm having some problems with the float:left image atribute you get in the properties window when uploading an image on WYSIWYG. Where could I post this question properly?


fonant’s picture

@jeremy.zerr - thank you for taking this module on, as you say many people make use of it. Just having the files downloadable again would be excellent!

EugenMayer’s picture

Not sure how to undestand all this. The new maintainer took the maintainership to release wiu, but he still did not do this.

As we mentioned we are going to close down the github repo if maintainership continues on d.o., that does not make too much sense to me. Basically, no its all closed down. Well i guess somebody else has to care about this.

Mackee’s picture

Same here for #70

jeremy.zerr’s picture

I was able to get the Git repository reverted and the releases back available again. Sorry for the delays.

rootwork’s picture

Status: Active » Fixed

Thanks for doing this Jeremy! Seems like we can probably close this issue now.

greg.1.anderson’s picture

Title: The "i like this module" issue! » Restore the git repository and make releases available again.

Thank you for restoring the releases for this module; much appreciated.

Mackee’s picture

Hope someone could do a D7 version of this. That would be great! Anyway, thanks for restoring this!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Zilvador’s picture

Thank you Jeremy. I have not found any module to replace this one yet, so I am glad to see that it is not all gone.

mattwmc’s picture

Would love this to be ported to Drupal 7. Currently all my images on the site use this mod and can't upgrade to D7 because of it.

Also for D6: batch image upload and updated for php 5.4.

Just my specific wish list.

EugenMayer’s picture

@matt you should rather move on to a different module an make a migration, i dont think any development will happen in here. (just saying, so you dont ait forever)

rootwork’s picture

I might be putting out an RFP on behalf of a client for a developer to write a migration module from this module to a D7-stable module (probably Media, although I wish the 2.x branch were more stable). They have a site with thousands of these and similarly can't upgrade to D7 yet because of it.

Part of the RFP will require publicly contributing this back to d.o, either as a patch to this module or as a separate module.

I'll post the RFP and any subsequent patches/modules to this issue queue, and will try to remember to post it on this issue as well.

mattwmc’s picture

Well, if worse comes to worse I'm hiring somebody to either port it and/or add a batch upload feature for D6.

Sounds like I'll wait though to see how rootwork's migration module works and if the D7 media module fits my needs.

This mod is perfect for my site.

EugenMayer’s picture

Well, wysiwug_imageupload currently looks like this http://screencast.com/t/ZOOgihwE0w7E .. at least the version we currently use for drupal-wiki.com - so you can quiet get something out of it, eventhough we reworked bigger parts. But maybe, media is a way to go, yet i heard its ok for bigger asset-management but does not really fit the "easy to use" aspect to well - so it might depend on your usecase

mattwmc’s picture

Just an update. I'm currently working on a D7 site with the Media module, and it's a complete mess - especially when coupled with the Media Gallery mod.

Took me about 12 attempts to find the right configuration between three modules to get the gallery working. Errors spit out galore, and there are no fixes as of yet.

Also, D7 ditched image cache and it won't let me set an image width to a percentage. I believe in D6 you could.

Frustrated. What else is new with drupal. :)