I'm not sure if this is a bug in Locale module of Drupal Core 6.15 but it happens only when you use CCK Filefield and only when Locale module is enabled. All other CCK fields work normally. You just cannot save a new node which include filefield and cannot edit an existing node either. When you click submit button on edit page it stays on the page and reloads it.


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Now this is going to get interesting. It seems that the bug is not in Filefield module. I had two languages installed and my translation of upload button's label happened to be in finnish the same as node's edit-submit button's label. When I changed the label of upload button everything worked correctly. When I changed it back it went broken again.

This is really minor bug and won't happen often, but still it should be fixed. Do you guys have any ideas which module is responsible for this?

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FileField includes a Finnish translation I believe. Did you manually translate the button text (which normally is "Upload" I believe)? It might be a problem with our translation. Another option is for us to not use the label Title when checking for the action, but instead checking the element parents, meaning it doesn't matter what the label is.

Note that if core checks the button label though, it might not matter how we try to accommodate for this in FileField.

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i can't activate locale since no file uploads are possible with this problem.

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I don't quite understand where the problem is or how to fix it. As far as I understand, it's a problem with our translation right? If you want to "fix" the problem, remove the .po files from FileField, then enable the module, then translate the strings manually. I'll need to know exactly how to reproduce in order to fix this, I've used FileField and Locale together in the past without any problem.

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Closing after lack of response or ability to reproduce.

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same problem here. It very difficult to debug this Error. I have deleted the filefield translation files. removed the language. After that i added the language again. Same Error here. The problem seems somewhere arround the button for saving.

Has the Button the #value: t('Upload'); you cannot save the node (on new and editing). But if you rename the button #value to something like: t('Upload2'); You can save the node. The english word "Upload" is translated from core. In our case it will be translated to "Speichern" (without Quotes) .

Some ideas ?


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i have found the problem. (Thank to german irc channel: bspellmeyer) - On the same form existing more than one button. Two buttons using the same translation.

t('Upload') = "Speichern"
t('Submit') = "Speichern"

but on $form_state the Value "clicked_button['#value'] was used to identify which button was pressed and call the correct submit handler... so dont use the same translation on buttons or you will be run into problems...

best regards

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Status: Fixed » Active

i have the same problem

the solution for this has to be found there:

Replace reliance on 'op' with 'triggering_element' to allow for identical submit button labels

(means: I don't see a chance to get this fixed in D6)

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Status: Active » Fixed

I'm marking this back to fixed, since there's nothing in the FileField module that can correct this.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I'm having the same issue now since some days. Perhaps a translation update by "l10n_update" or something like this must have caused the problem on many of my Drupal 6 websites. I haven't changed anything for a long time so that I am sure it wasn't caused by a manual change.

I've also described the problem in my blog before I found this entry:

Is there any "global" solution yet or perhaps an idea why the problem appeared some days ago?

Thank you.

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Same problem here with the german language, where i can't add oder edit a node at all. Drupal keeps bringing me back to the node edit mask, whenever i click on save or preview, so no content is created (even with a simple article)... Any ideas?