Galleria + ImageCache + ImageField + Filefield Paths

There are 8 ImageField fields on node type. Both thumbnail and current image are ImageCache presets (though problem also happens if I set current image to original image).

Everything works perfectly, except when previewing a node that the user didn't upload images for all image fields -- the thumbnails placeholder for the images that the user didn't upload show "Error loading image:".

If I save the node then everything works like a charm on the node display page. Galleria shows only the thumbnails for the image fields that had an image uploaded. No error message is displayed.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any fix?


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  1. The complete error message is: "Error loading image:" and "", where "ad" and "thumb" are my ImageCache presets for main image and thumbnail, respectively. So it looks like the module is trying to load some images even though none is available.
  2. I managed to workaround this problem by adding the following CSS to my theme: span.error {
            display: none;

    Not an actual solution, but at least the user won't see the misleading error message.

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is there any solution for this problem?

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Same problem with 7x drupal...

Any fix for this?