On the TinyMCE website the localisation files are in a Western European ISO format that won't display correctly in Drupal, because it uses UTF8. The attached file are converted to UTF8 for all who would need it. If anybody would need other languages, on request I will upload a Linux bash script to do the conversion.

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i would need an italian translation. Is it possible? thanks for help.

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Title: Dutch, German and Spanish localisation in UTF8 » Convert TinyMCE localisation files to UTF8
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Here some scripts to convert the whole lang tree to UTF8.

  • Store both scripts in your home directory's bin folder, which is normally included in your shell PATH.
  • In the linux shell go to the folder modules/tinymce/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce or rather make a copy of it and go to the copied folder
  • run the script tinymce-lang-convert [iso-language]. In your case it would be tinymce-lang-convert it.
  • the scripts will convert all it.js language files in all child folders from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8

I hope it helps.

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I did for greek but it does not show very well.

What I did was, get the -el- language pack from the tinymce website, extract it to my shell, modify the script to my PATH so that it executes. It executed ok.

I move the modified jscript dir, in my modules/tinymce/tinymce/jscript folder.

The result is that greek still appears in hieroglyphs. I have to roll back to the english interface.

What is wrong with the above procedure did i miss something?

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When I compare the iso original with a viewer set for it with the converted version set to UTF-8 then the content looks identical. So it might be that the original is already incorrect and not written in ISO 8859-1. No time to check that out.

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The following CSH script worked for me, when I was converting TinyMCE's hebrew to UTF-8:

mkdir temp; cd temp;
tar -zxvf tinymce_he-windows-1255.tgz
cd tinymce
foreach i ( `find . -name 'he.js' -print` )
mv $i $i.old
iconv -f WINDOWS-1255 -t UTF-8 $i.old > $i
rm $i.old
cd ..
tar -zcvf tinymce_he-utf8.tgz tinymce
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You can download the file from http://www.drupal.org.il

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In Drupal 5.3 Greek characters do not show properly ( I get hieroplyps). On ther sane server older cersions of Drupal show ok.

I uploaded the greek file from Drupal but it does not work. I understand that it is not ready yet.

All I want is that Greek fonts will show properly. Is there a file I can modify, ? change the ISO, or something elso?