GeSHi filter

The GeShi Filter module provides a filter for source code syntax highlighting for a wide range of languages.

Source code can be entered with for example <code type="java">...</code> or <blockcode language="python">...</blockcode>. Starting from version 5.x-2.0 it is also possible to define your own generic and language specific tags (e.g. <java>) or to work with square bracket style tags (e.g. [python]). Automatically adding line numbers is possible too with for example [ruby linenumbers="normal"].

Language Support

At the time of this writing the GeSHi library supports highlighting for more than 200 programming languages and configuration syntaxes, including: ActionScript, Ada, Apache Log, AppleScript, ASM, ASP, Bash, C, ColdFusion, C++, QT, C#, CSS, D, Delphi, Diff, DOS, dot, Eiffel, Fortran, Groovy, Haskell, HTML, INI, Inno, Java, Javascript, LaTeX, Lisp, Lua, Motorola 68000 Assembler, Matlab, mIRC Scripting, MySQL, Objective C, OCaml, Basic, Oracle 8 SQL, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, QBasic/QuickBASIC, Rails, Microsoft Registry, robots.txt, Ruby, SAS, Scheme, Smalltalk, Smarty, SQL, TCL, Text, Visual Basic,, VHDL, XML, X++.

Additional support for highlighting Drupal source code is provided too.

Third party library dependency: GeSHi (version 1.0.x)

This module requires the third-party PHP library GeSHi (Generic Syntax Highlighter), which has to be downloaded separately.
Important note: only the 1.0.x branch of the GeSHi library is supported, so do not use the development branch GeSHi 1.1.x. Direct link to GeSHi 1.0.x releases:

Drupal 8 Status

We have now a stable version for Drupal 8.

Error in update with composer.

The last dev and the future 8.x-1.2 versions have a change in composer.json, we do not require the dev version from geshi library, we require the last stable version. If it do not show a update, try using --with-dependencies, so it will update the geshifilter module and the dependencies(Geshi Library):

composer update drupal/geshifilter --with-dependencies

This is only for people that use composer, if you do not use, it is not necessary any change.


The 7.x branch requires the Libraries API (2.x-dev). A drush make file is also included that will download both the libraries API and the geshi dependency.


The 4.7.x-1.x branch is based on the original GeSHi filter module by Vincent Filby. The 5.x-1.x branch is a basic port of this version for Drupal 5.

In the 5.x-2.x branch the GeSHi filter got a major overhaul. Main features/changes: configurable code block tags, per language tags (e.g. <java>), a submodule for a GeSHi source code node type, easier administration UI, guided filter conflict solving, and many bug fixes.


Since the installation is not the same for Drupal 7 and 8, see the install instructions at README.txt for Drupal 8 and README.txt for Drupal 7.

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