This issue is for mr. sdboyer, as we discussed it in person. Bulk Exporter is losing configuration options in the following cases:
-A panel page is set to be the "home page" via the panel, when exported the setting gets unchecked and defaults back to Drupal core behaviour for the home page
-A panel page using flexible layout when exported changes its number code, i.e. "panels-flexible-column panels-flexible-column-1-main panels-flexible-column-first panels-flexible-column-last" changed to "panels-flexible-column panels-flexible-column-1-main panels-flexible-column-first panels-flexible-column-last"
-A panel page that is using the "From pane" title setting gets unset to "No title".

That is all that I've see so far, but will let you know if I find more.


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Project: Chaos tool suite (ctools) » Panels
Version: 6.x-1.2 » 6.x-3.x-dev

These are actually mostly specific to Panels, so I'm moving it over there.

Quick correction for reference - here were the flexible 'before' and 'after' css ids:

panels-flexible-column panels-flexible-column-48-main panels-flexible-column-first panels-flexible-column-last

panels-flexible-column panels-flexible-column-1-main panels-flexible-column-first panels-flexible-column-last

This is caused by the flexible layout using the $display->did as a way of ensuring classes that uniquely identify the particular layout instance. I'm chewing on the best way to resolve this one, as one of the whole problems with the base panels display object is that it DOESN'T have a unique string identifier, which is what we'd ordinarily want to substitute in.

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Probably the right way to do this is to allow the user to enter some string to use in place of the did so that it is portable, and use the did only as a fallback. We could put this as a setting on the canvas, for example.

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Testing this commit now: - although it looks like merlin's comment is valid despite that commit so also leaving issue open for now.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Flexible is now flexible enough (heh) to have these classes specified, so the reliance on the DID will be less profound.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.