actually, the strings need to be "validated" from a "manager"
the problem is that after validation, if another string is submitted, the validation job needs to be redone
and sometimes the manager that is validating can make mistakes

what do you think about a way that any registered user could vote on strings to select the best one ?
then, when the translation is exported, only the best votes are selected
like this, we dont need to make a validation sprint everytime a new sentence is commited


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Title: what about an auto validation with voting system ? » Add moderation based on community votes

I swear we had an issue for this before, but I could not find it either, so retitled this one to have a better title. I think we discussed this at the Drupalcamp Vienna session on localize.drupal.org last week, and the answer was that yes, it would be a good optional feature which groups could enable. Some teams would freak out to not being able to quality control their stuff but the community tearing it to different directions.

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I believe it was part of the "Mark as Golden" feature that would block suggestions and it cannot be wrong if people are able to vote this again back into review queue.

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Could we count two different users submitting the same translation as 'voting for it' ?

Also the vote threshold for approving an string that has no translation could be much lower than the one for changing a translation, speeding up the whole process of creating new translations.

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@Jose: well, we currently drop the same suggestion when submitted again, while it is already waiting in the queue. I think submitting the same suggestion to have a "vote" sounds like a counter-intuitive user interface, but guessing you suggested this as a side-point.

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We should try to use votingapi for voting features...

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hi all,

just want to know if someone is working on this issue?

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I've marked #1241684: Vote on translation suggestions as a duplicate of this one.